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Stoneburner - Osafa ChramStoneburner
Category: Industrial / Experimental / Electronic
Album: Osafa Chram
Blurb: Steven Archer releases a new single of the track “Osafa Chram,” teaming up with some seasoned artists for unique and min-dblowing remixes.


Those familiar with the musical works of Steven Archer should be well aware of his affinity for the fantastical worlds of author Frank Herbert, often referencing his Dune series. With Stoneburner being his instrumental tribute to the sprawling sci-fi universe, Archer’s music constructs not a soundtrack to Herbert’s work, but an audio accompaniment to a universe inspired and inhabited by Herbert’s creations. The Osafa Chram single sees Archer offering up three new tracks, along with some powerful remixes by Jim Marcus (GoFight), Erie Loch (Wiccid), Scott Fox (iVardensphere), and Rodney Linderman (Anonymix) to cater remarkably to many hard electronic tastes.

The original mix of “Osafa Chram” itself is amazing, with tribal fusion grooves and complex loops and arrangements. Examples of more progressive and danceable styles can also be found in songs like “Machine Language,” which commences with ominous and ambient tantric chants and then dismounts into a fast rhythm as the melodic sequences intensify throughout the track, while the club edit of “Test of Possession” also renders emotive soundscapes carried by driving beats. “Rebecca’s Escape” is one of the most sophisticated songs in this collection with its intricate programming and electronic vocalized accompaniments, and the music gives the sensation of emerging from an intense dream on a slow rough beat. The GoFight remix gives “Osafa Chram” a playfully aggressive electroscuzz feel with a clubby edge and intelligent electronic vocal backdrops, while the iVardenshphere rework gives the tune that distinctively aggressive and primal electronic energy that the band is known and loved for. The Anonymix also stood out with a fierce EBM feel and powerful buildups that are almost reminiscent of old-school industrial.

With The Agony Box on the horizon, Osafa Chram not only fulfills its function as a leadoff single for the fourth Stoneburner full-length album, but also reaffirms the project’s creative spark. Even if you’re not a fan of the Dune series or of desert landscapes, Steven Archer makes remarkably atmospheric music that should get everybody wanting to dance to some good electro/industrial. With great new things promised on the sandy horizon, Stoneburner’s Osafa Chram is well worth the listen!
Track list:

  1. Osafa Chram
  2. Machine Language
  3. Rebecca’s Escape
  4. Test of Possesion [Club Edit]
  5. Osafa Chram [Wiccid Remix]
  6. Osafa Chram [GoFight Remix]
  7. Osafa Chram [iVardernsphere Remix]
  8. Osafa Chram [Anonymix]

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