Jul 2012 22

Category: Shoegazer / Electro / Rock
Album: Don’t Say EP
Stars: 3
Blurb: Dreamy atmospheres of reverb drenched guitar-driven shoegazer, like My Bloody Valentine being sung by Julee Cruise.


Distorted guitar-driven ambience, subtle synthesized pads, and vibrant drum loops set to a smooth grooving bass – such could describe anything Dean Garcia lays his signature touch to, especially on his band with vocalist Rose Berlin, SPC ECO. Picking up where Curve left off, the band features a psychedelic mix of Brit-hop beats and overdriven shoegazer atmosphere, with the Don’t Say EP being just the latest example of this eclectic sound. With Berlin’s spacey intonations hovering atop lushly caustic instrumentals, the sound is as abrasive as grunge but as melodic as the most saccharine pop song. One need only listen to a track like “Feels Like a Rainbow” as a morose piano intertwines with pulsating electronics and noisy feedback, the beats powerful and insistent as the guitars shimmer and jangle like the audio equivalent of staring at the sun. Similarly, “Break It Out” moves at a chilled out pace as Berlin’s vocal echoes mesh with the sustained keys and guitars, creating a tapestry of celestial melody while “Give You Nothing” chugs with gritty guitar stutters and a rhythmic vocal while the beats beckon one to slow dance with fists waving in the air. Opening track “Don’t Say” and closer “Waste It All” reverberate noisily as harmonious feedback drenched melodies evoke a feeling of the pop-infused romances of the mid-to-late ‘90s. For this, Don’t Say is another fine entry in SPC ECO’s discography, one that will surely please longtime fans of Garcia and Berlin’s dreamy musical excursions.
Track list:

  1. Don’t Say
  2. Break It Out
  3. Give You Nothing
  4. Feels Like a Rainbow
  5. Waste It All

SPC ECO Website http://www.spceco.com
SPC ECO Facebook https://www.facebook.com/spc.eco
SPC ECO Twitter http://twitter.com/spceco
SPC ECO Bandcamp http://spceco.bandcamp.com
Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)

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