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Sonik Foundry - Parish of Redemption
Sonik Foundry
Category: EBM
Album: Parish of Redemption
Stars: 3
Blurb: Catchy and melodic, but severely lacking in originality, Sonik Foundry’s debut on Nilaihah Records is at least worth the listen.


Parish of Redemption marks the third release from Sonik Foundry, the New England EBM/electro powerhouse from Nikademus of Bow Ever Down. Now signed to Nilaihah Records and presenting a more fully developed sense of musical identity, Sonik Foundry has moved past being a mere side project as Parish of Redemption propels the listener into a danceable arena of dark melodies and pulsating EBM in the vein of Assemblage 23 and Angels on Acid.

Kicking off the proceedings with the scathing synths, throbbing beats, and Nikademus’ somber vocals that move from a monotone verse to a guttural scream in the chorus of “Severance Pay,” the album makes its intentions clear as the song’s atmosphere and tempo remain consistent throughout. The third track, “Poison” gives us a similar progression as the song hovers above a single bass chord, Nikademus remaining anchored to the bass throughout the verses with a screaming refrain in the chorus before letting loose into an expressive and sullen melody that finally gives way to a light piano outro that would’ve been nice to hear more of. Unfortunately, by this time, the listener becomes aware of Sonik Foundry’s formula and the rest of the album does little to deviate from it. Songs like “Darkness Falls,” “Voices,” and “Defiance” are wrought with the juxtaposition of vocals that alternate between monotonic and emotive with those shouting fills that quickly become overly familiar, as searing synth tones that we’ve been hearing from the likes of Unter Null, Combichrist, and Suicide Commando for years virtually drive each song. While Nikademus’ melodic fills are always welcome and help to lift the songs up from the standard EBM fare into something more akin to the lighter modes of futurepop, they too become expected and a tad predictable, although they do add to the songs’ undeniable catchiness. It’s not until the second-to-last track, “Destiny,” that we hear Sonik Foundry really changing things up with a track that if not for the lack of female vocals would probably have worked for Bow Ever Down; it’s slow, atmospheric, warm, and embracing, making it the best and most musical track on the record. “Waiting” is also a notable track with its alternating beat structures and irresistible melodies.

As it stands, Parish of Redemption is an effective album for Sonik Foundry as the band has made strides toward refining its brand of EBM for mass consumption. The main flaw with the album is merely that it is for the most part rather passé in its stylistic approach. With a guitarist employed for live shows and hopefully future studio releases, one could imagine how the material on Parish of Redemption could be taken to the next level to standout among the band’s peers in the EBM/electro community. Until then, what we have is a catchy album that stands up to repeated listening, but does little to differentiate Sonik Foundry from many other bands in the genre.
Track list:

  1. Severance Pay
  2. Pulse of the Deranged
  3. Poison
  4. Corrode
  5. Heart Crusher
  6. Darkness Falls
  7. Vaporize
  8. Waiting
  9. Voices
  10. Defiance
  11. Recluse
  12. Destiny
  13. The Wakening (Redemption Remix)

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