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Somatic Responses - Cul-Lors EPSomatic Responses
Category: IDM / Noise
Album: Cul-Lors EP
Stars: 1.5
Blurb: Somatic Responses tries to give the color spectrum a soundtrack and comes up short.


Somatic, by definition, means “of or relating to the body.” Somatic Responses is a clever name for a band; however, the type of music Somatic Responses makes does little to make the body respond. Comprised of John and Paul Healy, two brothers who reside in Wales, the duo has been making instrumental and concept music since 1995. In the Cul-Lors EP, it seems as if the band is trying to answer psychological questions such as “What color is greed” or “Which colors represent happiness?” The psychology of color is very immanent to Somatic Responses, so this concept is brilliant; the music is not.

Although this EP only has five tracks, it still contains 32 minutes worth of crunchy and sporadic noise. The opening track, “Grey and Black” exceeds the distance of necessity. The nine minute journey becomes more of a chore than an enjoyable listening experience. It’s fun and alluring for the first two minutes and would work well as an opening track to another album. However, tack on another seven minutes of the same thing over and over and it becomes monotonous. “Blue and Green” is the only track that truly resembles a song. The five minute track maintains a steady and crushing beat, comparative to a train about to run off the tracks. “Grey and Red” starts out strongly but completely derails itself halfway through, ending up sounding like a computer having a drum & bass hardware crash. The remaining 12 minutes of the EP go down the same path.

Many of the beats in this EP are quite good, though they’re never strewn together, which seems intentional. The broken beats as an art form is used tastefully here, but still does not make up an album worth listening to for over 30 minutes straight. If you’re a fan of abstract, experimental noise and instrumental albums, Cul-Lors is for you. Unfortunately, the lack of a cohesive rhythm and vocals may make this a hard one to endure for many.
Track list:

  1. Grey and Black
  2. Blue and Green
  3. Grey and Red
  4. Green and Grey
  5. Red, White, and Green

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Grant V. Ziegler (GVZ)


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