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Soman - NoistyleSoman
Category: Techno / Industrial / Noise
Album: Noistyle
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: Soman tames its craft and aims for a broader audience with an unmistakably club-geared album.


German industrial/dance artist Kolja Trelle has the indisputable knack for making fast-paced rhythmic music that you can’t help but want to move along with. His brash edginess is what has helped to develop his Soman project’s distinct and definitive sound. This harsher sound takes a backseat on Noistyle, and the music follows suit with that of a number of similar artists in the genre who have taken the less aggressive path. Powerhouse electronic/noise bands (Grendel and S/A/M for example) have also leaned away from the harsh distorted quality within their music, polishing their sound with much more club-friendly buoyancy and liveliness. When comparing music created a mere two to three years ago with the latest offerings from the A-list bands in the genre, one has to admit that there is a much tamer and bubbly quality to the newest releases. Soman’s Noistyle is Trelle’s personal stretch outside of the more noise-oriented style of music-making and it certainly includes this more restrained and ear-friendly dance component.

On Noistyle, Soman’s already established electronic complexity of sound is enhanced with a perkier (for lack of a better word) rhythmic pace; one that sets your body in motion but with much less anger than something that 2007’s Mask or 2008’s Re:Up may have included. The menacing quality to both music and samples alike on these earlier releases possess a much darker presence when compared to Noistyle. Having said this, a lot has to be said for Trelle’s consistent delve into creative and imaginative dance floor electronica, no matter what the tonality. Soman’s 10 original tracks lead their way to the final full-length, almost note-for-note cover version of New Order’s “Blue Monday.” The track, featuring the vocal talent of Client’s Sarah Blackwood, provides fair homage to the electronic pioneers; respectable albeit not as fresh and embracing as the original.

The hybrid of techno, industrial, and noise pulls back the reigns slightly on Noistyle. Bringing more club-infused techno to the foreground will be a slight disappointment to fans of Soman, but even diehards have to acknowledge that there is a harnessed aggression that still bubbles to the surface. Noistyle includes a great deal of cut-and-paste sequencing mixed with layers of sometimes uninspired techno. However, the overall drive that pushes each track makes up for it on more than a handful of solid club-thumpers. Soman may have padded the overall sound with this release, but through Trelle’s creativity and knack for clever and catchy riffs, the songs make for great club music. Those in the know will quickly identify the differences in tonality between Soman’s earlier works when compared to this collection. It’s just a matter of willingness to accept the change.

Track list:

  1. Noistyle
  2. Waste
  3. Major Dysfunction
  4. Let Me Go
  5. Side Chain (feat. Vigilante)
  6. Skin Deep (feat. Lahannya)
  7. Fear Itself
  8. Body Mod
  9. Transmitter
  10. Blackout
  11. Blue Monday (Soman Remix feat. Sarah Blackwood)

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