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Society 1 - A Collection of LiesSociety 1
Category: Industrial / Metal
Album: A Collection of Lies
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: As blasphemous and as heavy as ever, Society 1 returns with a collection of unreleased tracks to stave off the fans waiting for new material.


Matt Zane has for the bulk of his career dealt with no small amount of derision for the excesses he has gone to in order to ensure his band Society 1 reaches the top. Indeed, over the band’s long and tumultuous history, Zane and his cohorts have been right on the cusp of widespread recognition while also falling into the pits of personal and professional hell that has threatened to decimate the band on more than one occasion. The 2011 album A Journey from Exile was one of the unfortunate casualties of Society 1’s path, having never been granted a full release… until now. With the new band lineup in full swing, including the return of former guitarist Sin Quirin, Society 1 is once again in a productive mode that promises to take the world by storm yet again, with A Collection of Lies offering just a glimpse of what is to come along with tracks from A Journey from Exile, making for a varied and raucous collection of the band’s rock & roll fury.

Of the previously unheard tracks featured, “Lifeless” enters with vicious force; scathing washes of subtle synths underscore the bludgeoning display of heavy metal guitars and drums, Zane’s voice roaring with more fervor than he has ever demonstrated before, before the song slows down into a denouement of darkly melancholic harmonies. After a short intro, “Never be One” assaults the listener with speedily plucked riffs reminiscent of MINISTRY’s “TV” series, Zane’s screams playing against the thrashing rhythms, hints of industrialized effects buried in the background to add to the song’s monstrous cadence. “I Will Dominate” slows the proceedings slightly, but is no less acerbic with in-your-face riffs and Zane’s almost pained howls; one can almost hear the glass shards in the back of his throat, making for a downright and deliciously ugly track, while “Kill Me” blasts through the speakers with a riff all too similar to MINISTRY’s “N.W.O.” before continuing on its own heavy metal warpath. Those songs originally featured on A Journey from Exile demonstrate more of Society 1’s versatility, from the bluesy whispers of “I Got You” to the soulful croon of “All My Pain” taking on a more classic rock vibe that contrasts with the haunting atmospheres of “Hard to See” and “She’s Dead,” Zane’s vocal harmonizing working well with DV Karloff’s smoothly seductive bass grooves. Also notable are the falsettos evocative of Ozzy Osbourne on “Still Alive” along with the ghostly ambience of “Scream Out Your Breath,” featuring renowned cellist Tina Guo.

While audiences must continue to wait for a new Society 1 album, A Collection of Lies is sure to stave their appetites until new material is ready for release. Full of the band’s usual displays of blasphemous industrialized metal and showcasing other aspects to Society 1’s musical personality, A Collection of Lies is well worth the listen for anyone who likes skating the fine lines between industrial/metal and hard rock.
Track list:

  1. Lifeless
  2. I Got You
  3. She’s Dead
  4. Never be One
  5. All My Pain
  6. As You Go Down
  7. I Will Dominate
  8. Scream Out Your Breath
  9. Hard to See
  10. Still Alive
  11. Open Cries
  12. Pain and Torture
  13. Kill Me
  14. Out of Time (Demo)

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