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SNOG - The Clockwork Man (Non-Compliant Remixes in the Age of Obedience)SNOG
Category: Electro/Industrial
Album: The Clockwork Man (Non-Compliant Remixes in the Age of Obedience)
Stars: 3
Blurb: Contributors from around the globe remixed and reimagined the songs from SNOG’s eclectic 2015 record.


SNOG – a.k.a. David Thrussell – is known for his experimental brand of electro/industrial music charged with highly anti-corporate and political lyrics. His latest album, The Clockwork Man (Non-Compliant Remixes in the Age of Obedience) features remixes of songs from his 2015 album, Compliance. Artists on four different continents including Aesthetic Perfection, Angelspit, and Ross Healy, undertook the difficult task of stripping down and reimagining these already eclectic songs.

“The Clockwork Man” holds the count for most frequently remixed song on the album. The Angelspit remix stays fairly true to the tempo of the original, but adds a hard edge of distortion, synths, and a wicked sounding minor key. Healy’s take creates a more aggressive dance floor mix with a heavy beat and an unrelenting synth riff. Ambassador 21 slows the tempo of the song down dramatically while adding intense synths and dubstep style breaks. Shinjuku Thief’s version begins with a spoken vocal sample, which breaks into symphonic elements leading to a funky, robotic mix of the song with a swinging beat. Architect’s take plays with the vocals by adding effects that create a spooky, psychotic feel overtop of a mid-tempo beat and layers of sound, which feature lighter synths and less distortion than some of the other mixes.

Both “Cheerful Hypocrisy” and “Rich Kuntz” received two remixes each on the album. Aesthetic Perfection’s remix of “Cheerful Hypocrisy” opens the record in a seemingly gentle way with piano and Thrussell’s vocals; however, it quickly escalates into a dance floor stomp fest with staccato synth riffs and a driving beat with Daniel Graves also lending his vocals to the mix. Spiderface and the PTSD’s version closes the album on a very different note, slowing things ways down, even the vocals, which creates a strange, hypnotic, nearly drunken sounding Thrussell over a nearly nine minute ambient soundscape. Ross Healy’s “Rich Kuntz” mix sees a faster and more complex beat than the original, which adds a frantic drum & bass dance flare to the song. Hi Freqs’ Dionysian version offers a darker, more instrumentally focused version with rich bass and oddball melodies.

Ryou Onishi’s remix of “Oh, You’re an Atheist” totally turns the original on its head by taking the atheist tagline vocal and adding a hilarious high-pitched auto-tune effect, which really makes Thrussell sound super sassy. The music has a fast tempo and the whole thing sounds like an acid fueled pop song. CyrusRex’s take on “The Toxic Womb of Convenience” initially feels like a stripped down version of the original, but adds some very interesting musical breaks and layers of sound that build throughout the song into quite a pleasantly nightmarish finale.

The difficulty of remixing SNOG songs (say that phrase quickly 10 times) is that the originals already contain so many interesting vocal effects, bizarre soundscapes, and most importantly focus on the lyrics, which are forefront in SNOG’s political focus. However, the artists featured on The Clockwork Man (Non-Compliant Remixes in the Age of Obedience) managed to give new life and meaning to these songs whether that be to make it more danceable, humorous, dark, or outright funky.
Track list:

  1. Cheerful Hypocrisy [Aesthetic Perfection_RMX]
  2. The Clockwork Man [AngelSpit_RMX]
  3. Rich Kuntz [Hi Freqs Dionysian_RMX]
  4. The Clockwork Man [Ross Healy Automata_RMX]
  5. Compliance [Oskar T. Oram Regulation 562_RMX]
  6. The Clockwork Man [Ambassador 21_RMX]
  7. The Toxic Womb of Convenience [CyrusRex Black Line_RMX]
  8. The Stomp Song [End_RMX]
  9. Rich Kuntz [Ross Healy Austerity_RMX]
  10. Oh, You’re An Atheist? [Ryou Onishi_RMX]
  11. The Clockwork Man [Shinjuku Thief_RMX]
  12. The Vampires of Real Estate [qDub_RMX]
  13. The Clockwork Man [Architect_RMX]
  14. Cheerful Hypocrisy [Spiderface and the PTSD_RMX]

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