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Snog - Everything is Under Control EPSnog
Category: Industrial
Album: Everything is Under Control EP
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: Not equipped in his usual musical frivolity, but not entirely devoid of humor and purpose either, Thrussel’s latest EP is a minor prelude to his new album.


The 20 years of Snog’s active, politically charged, and musically experimental presence cannot be undone. Everything is Under Control presents all listeners with a singular fragment of the band’s latest album and while there is very little on the table that will surprise or excite those familiar with the existing catalog of David Thrussell, there are also no signs of the artistic fatigue that could weaken the final effort that this EP tries to advertise.

The single is neither a revelation nor lacking in most of Snog’s trademark traits. For the fans of the band’s output “Everything is Under Control” will play out with the predictable flow of a pop song, spiced up by the brief passages of free flowing groovy synths and sparse but effectively drawn out melodies. Despite the simplicity of its vocal centered structure, it’s a moderately memorable effort that without reaching the heights of Thrusell’s work on the anthems from Sixteen Easy Tunes for the End of Times will temporarily register with his most avid fans. Still, all those who hope for a titillating teaser of the full album will be left wanting – a stronger, more adventurous and more inventive track and a display of Snog’s humor not watered down by the pleasant, distracting mediocrity of its musical shell.

The impenetrable structure erected around the vocals of “Everything is Under Control” and fortified through the repeated use of the chorus and the song’s memorable hook renders it a creative mind field, where ideas are torn to shreds by the dominating rigor of Thrussell’s writing and production. None of the presented remixes can be recommended over the original and none of them will have an easy time winning the battle for repeated plays on any listener’s player. Spiderface tries to shift the ironically cheerful tone through the stripped down, distorted textures and manipulated voices. Digital Primate & Ehsan Gelsi somehow manages to deconstruct the track even further while Sir Real does a solid job of preserving its mood with subtle tweaks to the instrumentation. Ash Wednesday’s mix in many ways could stand in for the original with throwbacks to Snog’s past catalog manifested in the rhythmical rigor and the quasi-orchestral blocks that add a distinct and much needed intensity, but its running time is hugely disproportionate to its actual longevity. The addition of “The Lament of the Lost Sheep” adds an unexpectedly brooding and layered finale to the EP, up to this point built around the titular, subversively cheerful tune.

Everything is Under Control is not the perfect invitation to the Babes in Consumerland album, but it will remind those suffering a memory loss of Snog’s permanent affliction for the derivative pop forms, employed in the service of experimental and intelligent songwriting… or, at the very least, it will provide a glimpse of this capacity that will hopefully materialize fully on the next release.
Track list:

  1. Everything is Under Control
  2. Everything is Under Control (Spiderface Remix)
  3. Everything is Under Control (Sir Real Remix)
  4. Everything is Under Control (Digital Primate & Ehsan Gelsi Remix)
  5. Everything is Under Control (Ash Wednesday Remix)
  6. The Lament of the Lost Sheep

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