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SNOG - Adolph's LibrarySNOG
Category: Electro / Industrial
Album: Adolph’s Library
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: The Adolph’s Library EP gives SNOG fans a little more to enjoy if they are craving additional music following the full-length release, especially since it includes a previously unreleased song.


Originally forming on the continent of Australia, the trio consisting of David Thrussell, Samantha Sanders, and Christine Arkley-Smith make up the protest folk, electro-pop, and industrial band SNOG. Along with the release of Babes in Consumerland, Thrussell states that SNOG is now an all-female band with his long transformation to a transgender woman, which clearly shows you never know what to expect from SNOG. The Adolph’s Library EP was only released digitally and the first song is taken directly from the Babes in Consumerland album. The song centers around a mass of fuzzy rock and classic drum machine beats that rises into a spacey progressive sector before descending back in one piece, bonded by the electronics that serve as the backbone. The remix of “Adolph’s Library” is a high-spirited one by John Justin Stewart (who played on Grace Jones’ elegant Hurricane album) and also included is the exclusive, psychedelic, space age instrumental “The Gods of Carnage,” with its moving, desolate and gloomy feel. SNOG has always been a little unorthodox so you can’t expect any kind of mainstream release with soft harmonies, especially since the music reflects the band’s desire to create exquisite sounds. Although, any diehard fan of SNOG will truly enjoy this short but plentiful EP.
Track list:

  1. Adolph’s Library
  2. Adolph’s Library (John Justin Stewart Remix)
  3. The Gods of Carnage
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