Jun 2011 20

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Category: Industrial
Album: Coda
Stars: 4
Blurb: “Rise from your grave.”


In the two years since officially retiring SMP with the bookending remix album Pissing on the Legacy, Jason Bazinet has kept exceptionally busy with an exhausting tour schedule. Moving from the front of the stage to behind a drumkit, Bazinet supported Chemlab and 16volt as well as Front Line Assembly’s European tour. Thankfully, that time on the road rekindled Bazinet’s flame of creativity and breathed new life into the formerly deceased SMP.

From the start, this definitely feels like a rejuvenated SMP, presenting a somewhat stripped down but purer blend of coldwave, industrial, hip-hop, and punk in that unmistakable style. Appropriately starting with the track produced for the very successful Electronic Saviors compilation, which also started Bazinet writing again, “Stay Sick” smartly skewers the for-profit healthcare system of the U.S.. One of the finest tracks of the album, “Run” teams Bazinet up with Penal Colony’s Dee Madden and Stromkern’s Ned Kirby to swap off microphone command duties as Stiff Valentine’s Chris DeMarcus makes an equally huge impact with his heavy guitar work. “Anna’s Song” and “No Space” should be significant treats to longtime fans with their rhythmic focus and grim hooks at times feeling like a glimpse back at the Stalemate days. Once again showing off some punk rock leanings, SMP covers the Circle Jerks track “Paid Vacation” in this outing. The song fits Bazinet’s lyrical style quite well and is a much cleaner and better produced version of the track, but it is still straight-up punk and doesn’t show much of the trademark SMP sound apart from the vocals, making it feel a bit out of place.

While the resurrection of SMP is anything but disappointing, some may find some disappointment in the length of this return album, though it is easily made up for by the consistent quality throughout. With only half the number of tracks as most of SMP’s discography, Coda is definitely short, but feels like a much more lean and focused album that has boiled SMP down to its most important and best parts. Full of attitude, intelligent biting lyrics, and infectious hip-hop inspired rhythms, make no mistake about it; SMP is back to kick some ass.
Track list:

  1. Stay Sick (Album Version)
  2. Run
  3. The Knife
  4. Anna’s Song
  5. Corporate Lunch
  6. Paid Vacation
  7. No Space
  8. Stay Sick (64K Mix)

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