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Skyla Vertex - UrwerkSkyla Vertex
Category: Industrial / Electro / Alternative
Album: Urwerk
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: Harsh industrial dance beats, high energy synths, and vicious vocals combine to make a standard but well done affair.


Skyla Vertex is the brainchild of musicians Greg and Alex, with Greg handling production and instrumentation while Alex handles the vocals. Formed in 2008, Skyla Vertex sought to combine an intellectual claim with hard electronic dance music; with this in mind, the band created Urwerk, an album built on up-tempo, high energy electronic beats and harsh and raging vocals. Skyla Vertex can also boast well done production and sound quality with this album as the instrumentation never buries the vocals or vice versa. Every click, beep, or bass line matches up well with the vocal performances on each track.

Urwerk kicks open with “Somnia,” a standard opening electronic track that begins with a clock like click that segues into a heavy dance beat with enough bass to slaughter any dance floor or unfortunate set of speakers. “Strom und Drang” takes the tempo up a notch and comes complete with a super catchy electronic key set amidst its fuzzy electro bass. However, the real star of the song is the keys about midway through that breathe new life into an otherwise standard track. “Face It” sticks out due to it being one of the few tracks with English vocals, as well as having a vicious electric backdrop for said vocals to play on, and it’ll be hard to avoid dancing while this track is present. Three title tracks lay waiting right in the middle of the album in the form of “Urwerk (Funke),” “Urwerk (Feuer),” and “Urwerk (Asche).” Though related in name, the three are very different sets of music with “Urwerk (Feuer)” being the most notable for its heavy dance bass and vocal delivery with background keys that are sure to invade the brains of many. The instrumental piece “City Demon” could be compared to video game music and is a definite can’t miss track as its keys, drums, and bass piece together like an army of instrumental undead rising from the grave to make you dance. “The Buying Dead” is another standout track and features English vocals with a great catchy chorus to go along with the electronics and drums, all of which almost scream single release as the song itself is packed with mass appeal and personality. Urwerk comes to an official close with “ZeitgEist” and is another tremendous instrumental concoction that literally builds itself throughout the track until its calm ambient finish.

Skyla Vertex has a quality album in Urwerk and quality production to match its vocal performances. Though in many cases the style of the album is very standard, it is more well done here than in most places and while the album isn’t necessarily can’t miss, it shouldn’t be ignored either.
Track list:

  1. Somnia
  2. Strom und Drang
  3. Befreiungsschlag
  4. Sinnkrieg
  5. Face It
  6. Urwerk (Funke)
  7. Urwerk (Feuer)
  8. Urwerk (Asche)
  9. Deconstructors
  10. Schall und Rauch
  11. City Demon
  12. The Buying Dead
  13. ZeitgEist
  14. Schall und Rauch (Kriegsmonster Remix by Peter Spilles)
  15. Strom und Drang (Orange Sector Version)
  16. Befreiungsschlag (Nachtmahr Remix)

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