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Skum Love - Sinister MinisterSkum Love
Category: Industrial / Metal
Album: Sinister Minister
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: Without pretense or restraint, showcasing a balls-to-the-wall in-your-face brand of rock & roll debauchery as few others besides Skum Love can offer.


Skum Love has spent a considerable amount of time away from the limelight; since the 2008 release of the Songs of Lust and Corrosion debut and the 2010 EP The Church of the New Perversion, the band has seemingly been on hiatus, much to the chagrin of fans that have enjoyed Skum Love’s unapologetic celebration of filth and debauchery. Rejoice, fellow sinners, for the fruits of the Hollywood act’s labor over the past several years has finally culminated in the second album, Sinister Minister. Produced by Professional Murder Music’s Roman Marisak, Sinister Minister showcases the band’s brazen and blasphemous style in fine form with a few guest performances to add fuel to the filthy fire.

After an eerie introduction, Skum Love defiantly declares himself the “Anti-American Idol” amid the guttural growls of guitars, dominating drums, and bellowing bass – a raucous rock & roll concoction that is sure to get the blood pumping and the libidos thrusting. From the lascivious and strutting cock rock of “Devil’s Darling,” complete with bluesy horn section and pianos, to the thrashing and confrontational “Know Your Enemy,” to the slow and mournful groove of “Leave Scars,” Skum Love pushes all of the right buttons to make for an enjoyably irreverent record. Fear Factory’s Burton C. Bell lends his voice, smooth as chrome, to “The Infected,” its pummeling distorted beats and riffs underscoring slithering synths that manage to evoke the zombielike atmosphere of the lyrics, while “Son of a Gun” chugs with the incendiary force of a battering ram as Skum Love lyrically lays waste to the masses with a blasphemous tale of the second coming of a pissed off messiah. Ending the album are some remixes, with Mark Gemini Thwaite’s seething, electrifying remix of “Darling Lil’ Devil” surpassing the original’s sleazy vibe, while John Fryer’s more synth-laden version of “Leave Scars” adds an ominous and strangely more disconcerting atmosphere that serves the song’s sullenness quite well.

There are no notions of taste or subtlety on Sinister Minister. The riffs are powerful and trashy while the solos are manic, ugly, and teeth-grindingly awesome, while the steely tone of the bass and the roar of the percussion threatens to eat away at the listeners’ ear drums should they not take proper precautions. Also featuring guest performances from the likes of Mark Gemini Thwaite, PRONG’s Tommy Victor, and Fear Factory’s Dino Cazares and Tony Campos, Skum Love’s music draws on nothing more than the elation of indulgence and the thrill of anarchy. As the artist himself has stated, “Rock & Roll is not supposed to be safe or pretty,” and no statement could better exemplify the balls-to-the-wall and all-out fun sound of Skum Love’s Sinister Minister.
Track list:

  1. Intro Sinister
  2. Anti-American Idol
  3. Dig You Like a Grave
  4. Devil’s Darling
  5. New Perversion
  6. Leave Scars
  7. Disease
  8. The Infected
  9. Know Your Enemy
  10. Son of a Gun
  11. Darling Lil’ Devil [MGT Remix]
  12. New Perverted [Orgy Remix by Jay Gordon]
  13. Leave Scars/LoveSick [John Fryer Remix]

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