Dec 2011 28

Skullduggery - Let It All EndSkullduggery
Category: IDM / Industrial
Album: Let It All End
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: Eclectic and experimental, yet stalling in progression of style from past releases, Skullduggery’s latest EP makes for an eerie listen.


Following several years making the odd compilation appearance and then releasing the Ohaka collaboration with producer Iammynewt before unveiling his debut album, You Are Here. [Nowhere], Jayme Bass finally offers up a small helping of new tracks to further grace the electronic underground with his eclectic style. Equal parts industrial clamor, ambient soundscape, and glitch-laden IDM, Skullduggery’s sound is as ominous as it is frantic, and the Let It All End EP is no exception. Beginning with the spectral atmosphere of “Down She Goes,” as a skittering hip-hop beat slowly trudges beneath an ethereal mesh of sparkling pads and acidic bass sequences, the track evokes a style not dissimilar to what Jimmy Edgar might sound like if he were produced by Trent Reznor. Similarly, “Cremation” trudges on with overdriven beats and a foreboding melodic progression that would serve well as the soundtrack accompaniment to a surreal dreamscape. The song then proceeds into a phased series of glitches that reel themselves in before deteriorating into discordant noise, while the liquefied percussion and sounds of labored breathing, Middle Eastern chanting vocals, and a chord sequence all too similar to the preceding track make “The Fever” the EP’s darkest sonic excursion. Strangely, the Skullduggery SoundCloud page includes an additional track that may or may not be part of the EP, though given it’s much more energetic display of rudimentary arpeggios and stuttering samples, “Crystal” would best be omitted from Let It All End. The only problem with this EP really is that it offers very little in the way of new ground for Skullduggery. All of the tropes of his sound established on previous releases are still here, but little seems to be done to expand on them. The simplicity of the progressions given complexity by virtue of distortion and eccentric tweaking makes for an effective combination that is enticing to fans of more experimental forms of electronic music, but one would hope that Skullduggery would make some more daring strides with his style on future releases lest Bass begin to stagnate.
Track list:

  1. Down She Goes
  2. Territorial
  3. Cremation
  4. The Fever

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