Apr 2012 24

Category: Industrial / Rock
Album: Tonight
Stars: 2
Blurb: An unimpressive set of underwhelming remixes that makes for a lackluster single release from the star of industrial emo.


Having spent 15 years hovering between such bands as KMFDM, ohGr, and Marilyn Manson, as well as working with the likes of 16volt and Left Spine Down, Tim Skold returned to his solo outlet with Anomie, a blistering album of industrialized rock & roll. Evocative of Skold’s time with Manson by presenting guitar-heavy Bowie-esque rock anthems, the album marked a dramatic departure from the more predominantly electronic leanings of his past work, meeting with mixed response from fans and peers. With Tonight, the second single from the album, SKOLD presents the usual mix of industrial rock and danceable electro, topped off by his distinctive brand of lyrical depression. Indeed, the album version of “Tonight” is a straightforward dance floor stomper with a shuffling electro arpeggio bass line, Skold’s voice bellowing with its recognizably sullen huskiness. It’s almost underwhelming in its lack of any real surprises or frills, but noteworthy for its effective simplicity hitting the listener quickly and forcefully. Among the more notable of the six remixes presented is the iVardensphere, infusing the song with a slow beat and plenty of dubstep warbles that are thankfully just restrained enough to keep from destroying one’s speakers, while The Birthday Massacre gives the song the cosmic new wave treatment reminiscent of the band’s own ‘80s-inspired approach. Rotersand and Pull Out Kings take aim at the clubs with their punchy four-on-the-floor beats and scathing, scratchy synth sequences; fun and enjoyable, but little else. Sum Revolution’s remix almost reaches for a retro feel with its drumbeats sounding akin to an 808 with an underscoring bass wobble that could be a Moog, although the slow cadence and surly atmosphere don’t do much to enhance the song’s already depressive flavor. The same could be said of Aesthetic Perfection’s remix if not for the welcome addition of a twinkling melody of piano and ethereal synth. CD editions of the single include two non-album tracks. “Polka Dot Dress” slavishly lumbers along with subtly grinding guitars and a pulsating synth bass, Skold’s voice as gruelingly grim as ever, but it’s just lacking in any real intrigue and makes for a laborious listen. “Deserve” is a little more interesting with its marching beat and dissonant synthesizer sequences making for a coarse EBM track. Alas, the Tonight single simply doesn’t measure up to the power of its parent album. Given the original version’s lack of any real intricacy, it’s a wonder that the remixers didn’t experiment further with the song, making the Tonight single a rather unimpressive entry in SKOLD’s discography. As the man states in the final track, “You deserve so much better, you deserve so much more.” In this writer’s opinion, yes, Tim… we do deserve so much better.
Track list:

  1. Tonight (Album Version)
  2. Tonight (Aesthetic Perfection Remix)
  3. Tonight (Pull Out Kings Remix)
  4. Tonight (Sum Revolution Remix)
  5. Tonight (The Birthday Massacre Remix)
  6. Tonight (iVardensphere Remix)
  7. Tonight (Rotersand Rework)
  8. Polka Dot Dress
  9. Deserve

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