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SKOLD - Suck
Category: Industrial Rock
Album: Suck
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: As the first taste of new material from SKOLD in 15 years, Suck does everything but.


15 years is a long time to wait between albums, but Tim Skold has certainly made it a point to stay busy in the interim since his self-titled debut in 1996. Having worked with the likes of KMFDM, Marilyn Manson, The Newlydeads, and ohGr, Skold has earned a reputation as one of the underground’s most prolific producers. Now signed to Metropolis Records, Skold makes his return as a solo artist with the Suck single, presenting four new songs and four remixes of the title track as a teaser for his sophomore Anomie release.

Beginning with the album version of “Suck,” we are immediately treated to a mechanical percussive bass loop quintessential to SKOLD’s sound, as guttural guitars chug along with the pummeling beat. Skold has often been derided for his lyrics, often being compared to the puerile melodrama of emo, and it’s unlikely that “Suck” will alleviate any of these criticisms. Indeed, Skold seems to revel in the irony as he proudly proclaims “Suck my rock” with the song overtly denigrating the mediocrity of the majority. The remixes offer some enjoyable and highly listenable moments, with 16volt’s Suck It and Mop Up version being laden with deep bass synth rolls and breakbeats as Combichrist transform the song into a straightforward dose of EBM that is ultimately unsatisfying, though DJs will find much use for it. Front Line Assembly’s Down On Your Knees remix slows the song down into a somber elegy of ambient industrial, and the My Glock version by Bitteren Ende warbles by as an enticing bit of moderate dubstep. After the remixes, we are treated to three additional songs, beginning with the scathing vocals and brutal guitar riffs – complete with a blistering solo – of “I Will Not Forget,” Skold showing more venomous bite on this song than ever before. A slow buildup of piano and light guitar strokes steadily rise to a cacophonous chorus, eventually erupting into a frenzy of thrashing drums and noise on “A Dark Star,” while Skold’s voice takes on an almost gothic quality in the verses to “Bullets Ricochet,” the song following a similar atmospheric cadence to the preceding track and ending the single with an explosive guitar solo.

Traces of Skold’s five years with Marilyn Manson are abundant in the new songs as evidenced by their morbid tonality and grating rock & roll abandon, but SKOLD’s music stands on its own thanks to his distinctive voice and subtle production exhibiting simultaneous polish and grittiness. As a preview of things to come on Anomie and as the first taste of new material in a decade-and-a-half, SKOLD’s Suck certainly does not suck.
Track list:

  1. Suck
  2. Suck (Suck and Mop Up – 16volt Remix)
  3. Suck (Down On Your Knees – Front Line Assembly Remix)
  4. Suck (Gag It and Tag It – Combichrist Remix)
  5. Suck (My Glock – Bitteren Ende Remix)
  6. I Will Not Forget
  7. A Dark Star
  8. Bullets Ricochet

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