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Siva Six - Superstition EPSiva Six
Category: EBM
Album: Superstition EP
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: This Greek duo’s first release on Alfa Matrix sees the act playing to its strengths while treading new ground with a mix of dark electro, folk, and a bit of metal for good measure.


After the enjoyable if somewhat one-dimensional album The Twin Moons, this EP sees the Greek duo of Z and Herr Khaos simultaneously doing what they do best while also exploring new territories. The title track that opens the proceedings recalls the glory days of the Black Will album, which is easily the highlight of Siva Six’s career to date. Thus the song plays very much to the band’s strengths by mixing solid, danceable EBM with deep melodic fanfares that add depth and atmosphere to the track’s inherent power in a manner that is certain to go down a storm in the clubs. The imposing theme that forms the basis of the slower “Nemesis” brings the melodic skills more to the fore before the oddball duo of “I Am a Groupie” and “She Is a Groupie” completes the original material here in a most unexpected manner. Both tracks are the same, save for the former featuring guest vocalist Maria Kalapanida, while the latter is sung from the male perspective, and while the beatnik-like Parisian folk mood might seem somewhat at odds to the “I fuck Combichrist” style lyrics, they are actually very good, although anything as startling different as this is probably best left as a one-off. The remainder of the tracks is all remixes of older pieces, the majority coming from the preceding album, and with 11 on offer, there’s plenty to choose from. While the majority do stay within the realms of electro, with Hexrx’s instantly infectious and full blooded interpretation of “The Twin Moons” proving the pick of the bunch, there are a number of diversions into metal towards the climax courtesy of Killus’ version of “Faileth Stars,” while Mustpain go the whole hog and turn “The Twin Moons” into a pompous Rammstein-esque romp. Whether these will be enough to succeed in widening the band’s fan base remains to be seen, but it’s always worth a go, and along with the odd electronica of Dead for a While’s closing mix of “Hell Is Where the Heart Is,” they do provide a decent level of variety if nothing else. As a taster for any forthcoming album, this should whet the appetite well enough while Alfa Matrix’s promotional clout should see Siva Six raising its profile in dark electro circles at least.
Track list:

  1. Superstition
  2. Nemesis
  3. I Am a Groupie (featuring Maria Kalapanida)
  4. She Is a Groupie
  5. Valley of the Shadows (Remixed by Mani Deum)
  6. Angels of the Nine (Remixed by Incubite)
  7. Valley of the Shadows (Remixed by Headshock)
  8. Serpent Whore (Remixed by Nano Infect)
  9. The Twin Moons (Remixed by Hexrx)
  10. Faileth Stars (Remixed by Killus)
  11. Serpent Whore (Remixed by Beauti Mortui)
  12. Valley of the Shadows (Remixed by Video Game Orchestra)
  13. Intha Ren (Remixed by Christian Cambas)
  14. The Twin Moons (Remixed by Mustpain)
  15. Hell Is Where the Heart Is (Remixed by The Dead for a While)

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