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Sinsect - A Broken HeroSinsect
Category: Noise / Industrial
Album: A Broken Hero
Stars: 3
Blurb: Hints of melody and rhythm intertwine with unsurprising noisy clamor on an album that promises an awful lot and delivers just about enough.


The brainchild of DJ James Ashley, Sinsect was refining and carefully evolving its signature hard hitting fusion of noise and other club oriented incarnations of industrial since its conception in 1997. A Broken Hero in many ways appears to be an exact effect of tuning the sound and method and for many will be a release on which the crossover between cacophony and melody is merely a starting point, not the final destination. There is a might of ideas crammed into Sinsect’s latest but between the album’s igniting creative flux and the end result, there is something that clearly didn’t get a chance to resonate as powerfully as one might expect.

The album unleashes its fury through a recognizable industrial bounce of opening “Lost Time” and the following “Bubblegum & Boots,” but instead of squandering their potential on worn out EBM tropes, the accompaniment of a distorted invitation in the latter – “Dance, motherfuckers!” – consists of weighty beats and glitch laden effects. It’s a much welcome change of pace for those club veterans that for what seems like ages have been dancing to the rhythm of all but too familiar copy-and-paste incarnations of aggrotech anthems. Ultimately though, just like those bands that fall prey to their commitment to the genre’s most established tropes, Sinsect also lapses into monotony, even if their effort to boldly reinvigorate their work is often evident.

From a determined, dynamic cacophony, A Broken Hero moves to a lethargic tone on “Buglienvasion,” a complex tapestry of sounds and haunting atmospheres that, sadly, despite oozing danger, builds very little momentum. “Losing Focus” does just that, pulling the ground from under the listener’s feet with a wheeze of metallic textures that can only be appreciated for their ironic function literally heralding the decay of all musicality, as if the weight of noise driven influences began to outweigh the other facets of the album.

Unexpectedly in between the experiments that lead Sinsect towards the impenetrable core of power noise, Ashley resurfaces with dark ambient gems like “In All Fairness” and “The Lownly” that contain often the faintest glimmer of captivating melody. Hints of synth derived rhythms amid the onslaught of stomping beats are a worthwhile distraction that enriches the experience of tracks like “Divergent,” but the balance between the material that inspires your body and painfully penetrates your mind too often shifts in the wrong direction. Where “Sudden Storms” manages just the right synthesis of rhythm and electronic buzz in the vein of Caustic, “Whoiam” deteriorates unpleasantly into a frequency of high pitched chaos. The entrancing tribal drumming that permutes “Losing Hope” from underneath the layer of distortion is a brilliantly realized element that doesn’t arrive until the album exhausts its energy and time.

With this release, Sinsect attempts to breathe new life into the stale power noise formulas over-reliant on an abundance of grinding musical soundscapes. Still, this writer didn’t feel compelled enough by the drowned out compositions that only occasionally freed themselves from the reign of overwhelming monotony of numbing noise and repetitious hooks. A Broken Hero is a record that will play out better mixed into the debauchery of an industrial night out than it will when confronted domestically. Sinsect’s constructions of glitch and metal will surely please the fans of the genre, even if everyone else will be left disappointed by the promise of diversity that never flourishes amid the self-cannibalizing habitat of distortions.
Track list:

  1. Lost Time
  2. Bubblegum & Boots
  3. Broken Heroes
  4. Buglienvasion
  5. Losing Focus
  6. In All Fairness (Album Version)
  7. The Lownly
  8. Divergent
  9. Whoiam (Album Version)
  10. Sudden Storms (Album Version)
  11. Losing Hope

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