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Sin MG - Vampire / It's All Over (Single)Sin MG
Category: Gothic Rock
Album: Vampire / It’s All Over (Single)
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: Offering little in the way of originality, but much in the way of good old fashioned gothic rock.


Hailing from Chicago, Sin MG offer up an unabashedly venomous form of goth rock, chockfull of grinding guitars and in-your-face attitude usually reserved for heavier musical forms like metal or industrial. Formed by Keith Parsons and Scott Sinclair in the mid ‘90s, the band is now currently working on a debut full-length album, releasing several singles digitally to stir the audience into anticipation. Among these singles, “Vampire” is perhaps one of the most unashamedly goth songs this writer has heard in quite some time. There’s no question what the song is about, clearly indulging in bloodsucking revelry as the vocals move from a baritone croon akin to Peter Murphy to an impassioned wail in the chorus, proudly proclaiming “I am a vampire!” It may sound a tad juvenile, but what can one expect from a song inspired by Blade? Musically, Sin MG strikes an effective balance of dark synthesized atmosphere and gritty rock bravado, at times sound like a blend of Type O Negative’s morbid despair and H.I.M.’s pop-induced melody. “It’s All Over” follows suit, the electronics providing little more than some faux-string sections typical of chamber music while the song bursts with pure rock energy. Both songs are well produced, which bodes well for the full-length when it is finally released. The band’s website proclaims them to be “Nu metal for a New Generation,” which is somewhat dubious considering there is very little – at least as far as this single indicates – in Sin MG that can be referred to as nu metal, but regardless of erroneous labels, if the derivatively entertaining nature of the Vampire / It’s All Over single is any indication, Sin MG will at least have much to offer to the goth rock crowd looking for a new darling.

Track list:

  1. Vampire
  2. It’s All Over

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