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Silver Walks - TidalSilver Walks
Category: Synthpop / Electro / EBM
Album: Tidal
Blurb: With some engaging and energetic remixes by some of the scene’s established talents, Silver Walks shows great potential on this EP to overcome its shortcomings and become a more widely recognized act.


Blending the drive of classic dance beats derived from the WaxTrax! era with a modern songwriting sensibility reminiscent of the current waves of electro and synthpop, Lancaster, Pennsylvania’s Silver Walks brought no small amount of passion and potential with the 2015 Our Season On Fire EP. With an arsenal of classic analog synths at his disposal, Daniel McCullough tapped into the sound of his youth to present four tracks of emotive expression – a little melancholic, a little psychedelic, and very energetic. Mixed and mastered by Eric Sochocki (FIRES, Cryogen Second), and featuring Tim Heireth (Brand New Idol) and Mike Love (Dead on TV), the EP was a solid first effort with a main point of criticism being McCullough’s less-than-stellar vocal performance. The EP’s second track “Tidal” is a fine example of the band’s abilities with a forceful but welcoming dance beat, rolling synth arpeggios and fiery (if repetitive) leads, McCullough singing a dark melody that brings to mind the likes of Assemblage 23’s Tom Shear, the chorus bringing in a subtle harmony and a strikingly simple but catchy melody that is only brought down by a lack of polish. With this accompanying single and the presence of remixes by ENDIF, Null Device, and STΔER, those issues are addressed to show where Silver Walks can go on future releases. For instance, on ENDIF’s somewhat swinging version, a chorus or flange effect is added to the vocals to give McCullough a slight warble that manages to compensate and works well with the pulsating arpeggios quite well. Null Device gives the track a darkly atmospheric tinge reminiscent of the current synthwave trend, the stinging bass and shimmering leads creating a steely ambience that McCullough’s voice just hovers hauntingly above, and while it was not included on the EP, the Panic Lift remix that appeared on Electronic Saviors IV injects a fair amount of adrenaline with stomping beats, bubbling synths, and a few bits of piano for good measure. Oh, and speaking of piano, STΔER’s darkly enticing interpretation emphasizes the strength of McCullough’s songwriting, stabs of resonant guitar, swells of choral pads and angelic harmonization delivered by Holly Andrew and Ashlei Castellano make for a soothing and lush if perhaps long version that truly stands out on the EP. Already working with some of the scene’s established talents, Daniel McCullough proves that he has the chops to take Silver Walks’ music to greater heights of recognition; if he can brush up his vocal performance and production as demonstrated by these dynamic and engaging remixes, the next Silver Walks release will surely be something special indeed.
Track list:

  1. Tidal
  2. Tidal [ENDIF Mix]
  3. Tidal [Null Device Mix]
  4. Tidal [Submerged Version by STΔER]

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