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Siamgda - Re-BornSiamgda
Category: Noise / Industrial / Experimental
Album: Re-Born
Blurb: Continuing the experiment of crossing classical Indian and Nepali music with electronic noise and beats, Siamgda delivers its most beat meditative and beat heavy album.


Re-Born is the eighth album Marc Fisher has made under the Siamgda name. The idea of the project was to take the purely electronic sounds Fisher had been producing as Störfrequenz and combine it with music he had learned while in Nepal. The previous Siamgda albums skewed more heavily to the natural sounds of tabla drums, tambourines, and sitars, and were mostly augmented by electronics by adding distortion, synths, and the occasional drum machine to make noise oriented meditation music. All of these elements are still in Re-Born, but this time, he allows the beats play a more dominant role.

The album opens with the track “Bardo,” a Tibetan Buddhist term for the state between death and rebirth. It starts out with a heartbeat, and adds distorted vocals, stabs of electronic noise, and blasts from Tibetan long horns to make for a blend of chaos and noise. It induced a sense of anxiety into this writer, but felt like it as conveying more about the idea of Bardo than it was a sign of the rest of the album to come. The second track, “We Are a Miracle” is almost entirely electronic and dance floor oriented; although it spends almost half of its six-and-a-half minute runtime working on its kick drum buildup, when it releases, it turns into a pumping, distorted house beat with a high pitched, glitched out synth line and the repeating vocal sample, “We are a miracle.” Some of the other dance oriented tracks like “Rebirth,” “In Time,” and “Son of God” bring to this writer’s mind elements of Psychic Sandwich era Meat Beat Manifesto. The rest of the tracks play like tabla and sitar jam sessions that were heavily distorted with synths added for effect. The one track that plays as a meditation is “Homeless,” which has light beats and distortion that comes in a slow wave. It has mantra like, spoken word vocals such as “I have no divine power. I make truth my divine power.” It is as close to peaceful as this album gets.

This album is dense with sound and it took this writer a few listens before its elements started coming into focus. It is noisy and repetitive, which are some of the main elements of the genre it is working in. Inside of that though, there are interesting and well produced tracks as well as a few dance floor stompers.
Track list:

  1. Bardo
  2. We Are a Miracle
  3. Coming into Being
  4. Down to Earth
  5. Rebirth
  6. Homeless
  7. Between Love and Hate
  8. Back Off!
  9. Secret Servant
  10. Son of God
  11. I Wish
  12. Crackpot
  13. In Time

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