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Siamgda - Noise YogaSiamgda
Category: Tribal / Industrial / Dance
Album: Noise Yoga
Blurb: Siamgda drops most of the Indian and Nepali influences and goes all in for a beat driven album meant to inspire people to dance for the betterment of the world.


Noise Yoga is Marc Fisher’s ninth album as Siamgda. His earlier works tended to lean more toward meditative Indian and Nepali music that was filtered, distorted, and edited. Over time, each album has gotten progressively more electronic, leading up to 2016’s Re-Born, which was more dance music oriented than meditative. But while Re-Born still had its slow moments, Noise Yoga is intended to be a full on dance music album.

The album wastes no time getting down to business. Its first track “Sangha” starts with its four-on-the-floor kick drum and rhythmic keyboards, with smattering of chants and what sounds to be an accordion. While the track is sparse by comparison to what is to come, it sets the dance tempo with its first beat. The next track, “First” keeps the rhythm going and shows off Fisher’s distorted, monotone vocal style. While this isn’t the first time he has used vocals this way, it became the primary style that any vocals are presented on the album. The next track, “Yoga” increases the BPM with more traditional Eastern drums and some various vocals samples. The album doesn’t take a breath until the fifth track, “Stimulation,” which is the only non-dance track on the entire album, but still uses the distorted vocals, as well as droning background horns and tabla. “Breathing” is the hardest track on the album, using a heavy snare driven breakbeat, various keyboards and noises that fill up the space, and the closest the vocals come to screaming. But for this writer, the standout track is “Freakiness Attack.” It’s one of the fastest tracks on the album and melodically explores some of the same territory as late ‘90s drum & bass while keeping the drums something closer to tribal.

Noise Yoga accomplishes what it set out for. It is definitely a dance album and with the exception of “Stimulation,” any track on the album would fit well into any industrial dance setlist. But with its constant high energy and loads of distortion, the album can be a bit tiresome to listen to straight through.
Track list:

  1. Sangha
  2. First
  3. Yoga
  4. Drumosphere
  5. Stimulation
  6. Noise Shifting
  7. Breathing
  8. Freakiness Attack
  9. Tanzen Gehen
  10. Dhadhage Dho
  11. Oppression [Yoga Version]
  12. Son of God [Yoga Version]

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