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She Pleasures Herself - FetishShe Pleasures Herself
Category: Post-punk / Darkwave
Album: Fetish
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: A darkly erotic brand of post-punk darkwave that plays well as a soundtrack to a kinkster’s fantasy, but offers little else to keep the listener interested for anything more.


Hailing from Lisbon, Portugal, She Pleasures Herself has spent the better part of a year steadily revealing its dark musical soul, revealing track by track the extent of the band’s fetishistic flirtations with dissonant darkwave and primal post-punk; now, all of these tracks have culminated in Fetish, the band’s debut album. Throughout the album, the listener is kept at distance as Nuno Varudo’s monotone voice hovers spectrally amid the cold reverb of Nuno Francisco’s programmed beats and David Francisco’s resonant synths and guitars, with the thrum of Varudo’s bass keeping things grounded in a very particular groove that will surely remind many of Sisters of Mercy. For instance, a song like “Fake” just broods with its insistent dance beat and rhythmically scalding guitars as Vaudo croons like a dispassionate dominator enticing you to submit to his whims, “Because it makes me smile.” And then you have the appropriately titled “Ghost” as an atonal howl of haunting guitars amid a bouncy disco beat and bass line drive one right to the dance floor despite the instrumentation falling in and out of key, the metallic clangs in the chorus adding a strangely disconcerting effect as Varudo sings, “It’s hard to love a ghost.” From the chiming guitars and percolating synths amid a driving beat on “Oceans of Pleasure” to the strutting rock & roll chugs and scratchy electronic predilections of “Crime,” She Pleasures Herself presents a decidedly old school brand of post-punk and goth/rock that recalls all the best elements of the aforementioned Sisters of Mercy with hints of Joy Division, Bauhaus, and even traces of death/rock, all with the lyrics reveling in the darkly lascivious surrender of the listener to Vaurdo’s dominion. Unfortunately, it’s all a bit too formulaic for once we’re past the first song, “Time,” Fetish offers no surprises; each song trudges along with a similar beat, the same textures of glassy guitar and minimally distorted synths, rolling bass, and simplistic drumbeats, with Varudo’s thick accent and mechanical baritone eventually growing tiresome. As well, David Wolf’s spacious and lo-fi production that is heavily reliant on reverb adds a touch of emotional detachment that does little to invite the listener into the band’s sonic lair. It’s very clear that She Pleasures Herself has a clear vision for making music for kinksters in need of a soundtrack for their darkly erotic practices, so Fetish is not a bad album for that… but only for that.
Track list:

  1. Time
  2. Crime
  3. Trust
  4. Fake
  5. Dance With Her
  6. Ghost
  7. I Can’t Live in a Living Room
  8. Oceans of Pleasure
  9. Touch
  10. Use You in Pogo
  11. The End

She Pleasures Herself
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Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)

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