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Severe Illusion - No More Alive than You DeserveSevere Illusion
Category: Industrial / EBM
Album: No More Alive than You Deserve
Stars: 3
Blurb: Album number three from Severe Illusion isn’t anything to rave about.


After a few years of silence, Swedish harsh electro body movers Severe Illusion are back at it again. With this new album, making it the band’s third release, they are on the right path to say the least.

With the introduction track, “Mocking Bird,” you are treated with your monotonous, slightly distorted vocal track, which is nothing new to this genre. Unfortunately, the opening track doesn’t really grab you like an opening track should. It feels like it should have been put somewhere in the middle or end of the album. Fortunately, the rest of the album picks up where the first track lacked. The vocals get more “angry,” the meaning behind the album becomes more prevalent, and ultimately just gets better. The unfortunate part of this album is the music. Severe Illusion seems to rehash the same bass lines and distortion on every track, so there really is no variation on this album. The mastering doesn’t seem to have been done properly either; there are a lot of very muddy parts, especially in the low end category. Granted, this is not the band’s fault by any means; however, the final step in production of an album is very important and it seems it wasn’t taken as such and could be a lot better.

Severe Illusion has a lot of experience under the belt and this album could have been much better if there was more variation, enough to keep the listener engaged. The truth is, there isn’t.
Track list:

  1. Mocking Bird
  2. Try Harder
  3. Clear Head (Album Version)
  4. To The Wall
  5. Nar Helvetet Kom Till Byn
  6. Inside Your Narrow Little World
  7. Them Unwitting
  8. Rotating Knives, Yes
  9. Cutural Identtity
  10. And Them We Kill
  11. Dirt

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