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Seven Factor - LuxSeven Factor
Category: Industrial / Metal
Album: Lux
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: An assertively offensive mélange of black metal stylings with industrialized textures, threatening to cull the masses out of the dark and under the banner of the light bearer himself.


Taking his blasphemous musical vision to the next level from its beginnings in Human Factors Lab, Seven Dunbar gives us his latest unholy creation – Seven Factor. Presenting a cacophonous blend of blackened metal with industrialized ambient textures, Seven Factor is as morbidly aggressive as it is grimly melodic, as exemplified by the Lux EP. As the sounds of the tortured damned howl in agony amid a processional drumbeat and the harrowing chants of “Dies Irae,” “Into the Light” begins slowly to build a dismal atmosphere that erupts into a maelstrom of chugging guitars and virulent drumbeats, topped off by Seven’s deathly vocals and offset by well crafted synth sequences. The song sets the stage for the following tracks, the sparse production styling evoking the black metal bands of the early ‘90s Scandinavian scene, characterized by simplicity of arrangement as vicious guitars and tight drums are given added depth by the programmed elements. The manic solos of “The Watchers” mimic the neo-classical histrionics often exhibited in extreme metal and the dissonant vocal harmonies of “The Fallen” creating a decidedly disturbing effect that clashes marvelously with the croaking growls of “Into the Light.” “The Law” is pure rhythmic atmosphere, metallic beats moving fluidly within a mire of swells of discordant pads and morose samples playing with the fury and tension of a demented crucible. Closing out Lux is a pair of remixes, the Window mix of “The Watchers” being especially noteworthy as it follows on the heels of “The Law” with its interplay of seething electronic beats and insistent bass lines, the atonal synth solos and malevolently manipulated vocals hinting at an approaching menace that is never fully revealed. The club mix of “The Fallen” is also quite striking as it recalls late ‘90s drum & bass with sharp breakbeats, warmly ambient pads, and the vocal harmonies actually achieving a rather delightful and even soulful effect that is offset only by an electronic voice constantly repeating, “Engage” before ending suddenly. With KMFDM’s Steve White lending his guitar skills and Little Sister assisting with the overall production, Seven Factor’s Lux effectively brings the band into a newly established style that distinguishes itself quite well from Human Factors Lab. While the demonic aspects of the band’s extreme metal predilections may polarize audiences, it is this testing of their mettle in the face of so furious a musical style that Seven Factor will surely please many in the vein of Psyclon Nine or Dawn of Ashes.
Track list:

  1. Into the Light
  2. The Fallen
  3. The Watchers
  4. The Law
  5. The Watchers (Window Mix)
  6. The Fallen (Club Mix)

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