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Septron - Wuterguss
Category: Darkwave / Industrial
Album: Wuterguss
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: Wuterguss is a hodgepodge of promising material mixed evenly with meandering noise.


After releasing a series of CD-Rs, Septron has finally released their debut full-length album, Wuterguss. A one-man project from Germany, Septron was formed by Bastian Polak around 2007. The band’s style can be summarized best as menacing soundscapes that can be as heavy on the heart as they are on the distortion.

Book-ended by two eerie and instrumental tracks, Wuterguss features a number of songs, such as the mournful “Opfer,” of a slower, more introspective nature. A couple of tracks, including “Blumenwelt,” incorporate piano and nearly escalate to the level of gothic ballads. While much of the record is of a moderately paced and somber nature, Wuterguss does occasionally allow itself a burst of something with more intensity. In particular, “Koma” and “Blender” offer a style that would be much more appealing to fans of the heavier, more danceable fare. Replete with fast beats and pulsing synthetic bass lines, both songs are solid enough to become underground club favorites.

Some impressive points on the album include Polak’s powerful and emotive singing, as well as a diverse selection in sampled elements. And while one should applaud Septron’s frequent eschewing of conventional song structure as well as superfluous vocal effects processing, yet again this writer is confronted with an album that seems to have more than its share of padding. “Alpträume Der Nacht” is as good an example as any. While the track begins with some abstract music and soulful singing, it never really features any variation and slowly decays into breathy noises for nearly a full minute. Some call it art, but I call it filler. If selections such as this were left out of the final cut, it would have made for a much more enticing release.
Track list:

  1. Intro
  2. Koma
  3. Aschenland
  4. Blender
  5. Das Ende Der Welt
  6. Blasphemie
  7. Opfer
  8. Unter Deiner Obhut
  9. Blumenwelt
  10. Herz Aus Stahl
  11. Fremdkörper
  12. Der Dialog Mit Dem Tod
  13. Alpträume Der Nacht
  14. Das Kleine Mädchen Ohne Kopf
  15. Die Schlacht
  16. Outro

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