Jun 2011 20

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Category: Noise
Album: Nuclear Attack
Stars: 1
Blurb: English band Semi0n follows up the debut with the concept noise disc Nuclear Attack.


While their debut EP took a distinctly guitar- and drum-driven approach, Semi0n returns with another EP that enters completely different territory for the band. Nuclear Attack is a concept piece that strives to sonically create an audio interpretation of what a nuclear attack would sound like. Eschewing anything that might actually resemble music, Semi0n treat us to such tracks as “The Quiet Peace,” 13-and-a-half minutes of static, feedback, and miscellaneous sounds. They have succeeded in their goal; Nuclear Attack is about as enjoyable to listen to as living through an actual nuclear war. Nuclear warheads have a long history of being the ultimate deterrent. This latest release from Semi0n is the ultimate deterrent for anyone who’s ever heard their music. You will never want to play this again.

One has to give them credit, however. Thematically, the idea is a great one, and considering their past work, they’ve certainly proven they’re willing to take risks, which honestly counts for something. They also incorporate a number of sounds throughout the EP that would have been quite provocative had they been used in another context or style. The last song on the record, “The Shape of Things to Come” revisits the more conventional rock style the band previously toyed with.

Once again, however, they put out a ridiculous physical release package. Instead of a run of 20 CD-Rs as with the last release, with Nuclear Attack you get your CD-R, a cassette with the album on one side and three unreleased tracks on the B-side, and other tacky items like a letter from a bureaucrat at the Home Office. As with Sex, Death, & Repetition, the quantities are greatly limited, but this time they didn’t disclose the actual number. While packages like this are certainly favored among diehard collectors and can heighten the listening experience, Semi0n should save such tactics for when they release something worth listening to.
Track list:

  1. You Cannot Win
  2. Nuclear Attack
  3. The Blast
  4. All that Remains Is…
  5. The Unquiet Place
  6. The Reawakening
  7. The Shape of Things to Come

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Semi0n BandCamp http://semi0n.bandcamp.com
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