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Schizoid - The Next Extreme: The RemixesSchizoid
Category: Industrial / Cybergrind
Album: The Next Extreme: The Remixes
Rating: 2.5
Blurb: The Next Extreme: The Remixes sees Toronto based outfit Schizoid’s latest single reimagined and rearranged. But were 18 tracks really necessary?


This one man project hails from Toronto and has been delivering harsh noise and cultural terrorism since the late ‘90s. After three albums and numerous remixes and covers, the release of The Next Extreme saw a possible end to the group. In what main man Jay Schizoid called a sonic suicide note, “For a long time, I thought this was going to be my last recording, so a lot of songs feel very literal; a lot of lyrics about ‘death’ and ‘the end’ felt very real.” Fans can rest easy as fortunately, this is not the case, for Schizoid has released a new EP and this remix compilation of his latest single. For those that are fans of harder electronic music and metal, this compilation has a lot to offer – plenty of aggressive tracks and curveballs either from the odd movie sample or a sudden change in style. The production also is well done, consistent, and present, full of sharp punchy drums, biting synths and guitar, the vocals angry and filled with bile.

Tracks like the Synthetic Freedom Fighters mix sees Schizoid’s usual digital hardcore/black metal style making unholy congress with the most mid-heavy, bro-laden dubstep one can conjure. This track makes a statement that dubstep can still be subversive and aggressive and not just the domain of club kids and jocks. The MysteryMachine remix again sees an unexpected twist – gritty rasps and tremolo guitar are set against the strains of early ‘90s rave. The sound is as if the members of Technique-era New Order found themselves collaborating with Darkthrone; a thoroughly schizophrenic (pardon the pun) listen overall. And one will inevitably hear sound-alikes in these remixes giving Schizoid the feel of Genghis Tron or The Berzerker while not being derivative of either.

One must inevitably face the elephant in the room here and that is simply that listening to 18 versions of the same song in one sitting is an ordeal. Schizoid would’ve saved himself some trouble by splitting these into two, maybe three releases, released one at a time and then a triple gatefold retrospective of all three in the next two years, and spicing it up with a couple of Japan-only tracks and a J.K. Broadrick remix for the hipsters. A bigger issue here is the esoteric nature of the album. This wasn’t meant for the casual or first time listener, but for the seasoned fan who has the context to fully appreciate it. The diehard fan of Schizoid is what this comp is aimed at and they will find it has much to offer for those who possess the patience to listen to it from start to finish. But for everyone else, they are not missing much by ignoring this release.
Track list:

  1. The Next Extreme (Monad – DeathBlASSt Remix)
  2. The Next Extreme (Pillhead – Silent Queef in the Dark Remix)
  3. The Next Extreme (Denyss McKnight – The Worst Extreme Remix)
  4. The Next Extreme (Synthetic Freedom Fighters Remix)
  5. The Next Extreme (Not Half – Nextreme Remix)
  6. The Next Extreme (Technicyst Fix – Meathook Remix)
  7. The Next Extreme (MysteryMachine Remix)
  8. The Next Extreme (TalixZen – Messed Extreme Remix)
  9. The Next Extreme (Disbreakz – The Next Phase Remix)
  10. The Next Extreme (Sadistician – The Next Phase is Your Worst Nightmare Remix)
  11. The Next Extreme (Midi Fister Remix)
  12. The Next Extreme (Needle Factory Remix)
  13. The Next Extreme (Grimpunxxx909 Remix)
  14. The Next Extreme (Starpilot Remix)
  15. The Next Extreme (Schmoog – Flip the Phase Remix)
  16. The Next Extreme (Las Vegas 909 Remix)
  17. The Next Extreme (M-87 Remix)
  18. The Next Extreme (Mass Hypnotized Remix)

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