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Schact - AbwärtsSchacht
Category: Metal/Electronic
Album: Abwärts
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: Debut from German rock act shows promise, but needs polishing.


Schacht is a German electronic rock band formed in 2002. Consisting of Sascha Kuwatsch, Stefan Lang, and Christopher Lang, the band recently released the debut album on their own Schachtmatt label. The name Schacht translates into “mine shaft,” and the band make heavy use of mining and industrial imagery in their work. Schacht is primarily a traditional guitar and drum driven metal act, but do incorporate electronic components in their music, albeit in a somewhat limited fashion. Utilizing a choral vocal approach, as well as sweeping guitar riffs, Schacht cultivates a very epic style that aims for a larger than life quality to their work.

While Schacht has many contemporaries working in a similar vein, such as Rammstein, Laibach, Die Krupps, and countless others, Schacht takes a more organic and visceral approach to their music; their style is wholly their own and any comparisons to other German industrial rock acts are strictly superficial. Schacht has a much darker and more rugged theme to their music and seems to be more influenced by black metal and gothic opera than anything else.

While their work is often sleek and tight, Abwärts does lack the tonal depth and aural layers that usually fill out a heavy rock band. While the guitars are crunchy and rife with distortion, they lack the counterpoint that only a good crisp bass guitar can provide. Even though bass is present throughout the album, it’s barely noticeable and often drowned out by the other instruments. As a result, the music has a treble heavy, watery quality to it. More professional mixing and mastering would have added a superb dimension to the record.

Track list:

  1. Abwärts
  2. Tanz
  3. Gedankenstahl
  4. Schacht
  5. Kasten
  6. Maschine
  7. Frühtau
  8. Ratten
  9. Strand
  10. Grube
  11. Tropfstein
  12. Unten

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