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Scarlet Soho - Solo KO EPScarlet Soho
Category: Electro-pop
Album: Solo KO EP
Stars: 3
Blurb: The emotional tones Scarlet Soho hits render this EP a miniscule but powerful offering of electro-pop.


This latest EP from British Scarlet Soho marks the second in the trilogy of short playing releases, and while the general template for this band remains unchanged, consisting of an easily recognizable brand of synth driven, nostalgia heavy pop, Solo KO marks a shift towards new shades of moody grey and identifiable improvement over the previous When the Lights Go Out.

“Solo KO” might lack an immediate hook, an element of melody that would render it an inescapable guilty pleasure, but by replacing the predictable pop charge with an emotional and resonant flavor, Scarlet Soho engineered a single of considerable power and, how aptly, a middleweight heavy hitter. Arising from the dark meandering synths that embrace Knights’ entrancing vocals is a composition that finds itself at its peak during each spiking chorus. The progression is so uniformly well emphasized by the intensifying timbre of the vocalist’s voice and combustion of the rhythm that each repeating crescendo is a satisfying experience. The value of Scarlet Soho’s single is extended through two additional versions and condensed (if unnecessarily) in a radio edit. The Candide mix playfully replaces most of the melody lines with an array of retro sounding beeps and glitches that seem to toy with the notions of Spartan, electro-pop arrangements. Lending “Solo KO” such an ascetic and yet thoroughly enjoyable undercurrent pays off even if the track fails to fully capitalize on the promise because of the uneventful midsection. The second of the remixes, by the German Teenage Mutants, mutates the composition into full blooded club entity. Mercilessly chopped vocal work and danceable rhythms successfully challenge Scarlet Soho’s material, but it’s a thoroughly mundane offering that on an EP as brief as this feels like a stylistic intruder – an exercise in transfiguration rather than an organic evolution of the original’s strengths. The second of the new tracks, “Make the Final” that clocks at just over three minutes is an infectious and stimulating proposition that doesn’t strive for the complexity of “Solo KO,” but by employing a minimalistic mode of synthpop expression establishes the mandatory link with the electronic old school and manages to move forward determinately.

On Solo KO, Scarlet Soho took everything that made the previous EP a solid and technically proficient release and combined it with a creative zest that, running through the muscular structure of their album, makes for an indulging and much more memorable listen. The emotional tones that they manage to hit time and again render it a minuscule but powerful electro-pop offering that now is in a desperate need of an equally well conceived follow-up.
Track list:

  1. Solo KO
  2. Make the Final
  3. Solo KO (Candide Remix)
  4. Solo KO (Teenage Mutants Remix)
  5. Solo KO (Radio Edit)

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