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SAM - Brainwasher
Category: Industrial / Noise
Album: Brainwasher
Stars: 4
Blurb: Brainwasher is simply an album that is packed with a brilliant excess of danceable industrial calamity.


Months following the release (and subsequent club hit) single “Bull Fucking Shit,” German rhythmic noise duo SAM follows up with a full-length release of equal intensity and fervor. Their third album to date, Brainwasher manages to match and rise above the drive that the lead single had unleashed with an album of insanely addictive electronic dance mayhem. From the earliest warning of what you are about to hear, shown with the aptly named introductory track “Warning,” the beat-infused angst that Joel and Daniel Meyer dispense rivals and surpasses anything they have put out on their earlier works. Calculated and well thought out percussive patterns and synthesized rhythms provide us with an excellent back-to-back collection of SAM’s trademark in-your-face energy. The warped electronic slap-in-the-face noise that connects the introductory dialogue on “Warning” with our first taste of music instantly sets a stage for a 13 track album that has clearly been designed for an angry dance floor. Electronica takes a designed twist of pounding creativity with everything that SAM puts forth on Brainwasher with a barrage of beats and wonderfully brazen synths that never seem to let up. The connected tracks “Starting the Madness” and “Mad as Hell” follow suit with what a great many electronic acts in recent years have done by incorporating the famous sample from the movie Network. However, they again manage to provide enough of their own distracting electronic finesse, not allowing the now dated sample to fade into obscurity. A steady flow of electronic drive follows with the next few tracks, not as feverish as the hit single, yet by no means downplayed into anything short of dynamic. This steady pace dies down, though, with “Interoception.” Here, SAM plays atmospheric waves against a muffled bass line and beat and nothing more. This song simply manages to settle the mood just in time for the album’s three-track dance-infused finale; not so much a match to the rest of the music on Brainwasher as it is a divergence. The departure from fist-pounding, foot-stomping beats is short lived, and the remainder of the album unleashes the signature SAM sound back into our ears.

The development and progression of the band’s sound emits clearly on Brainwasher, showing a more intelligent ear for sampling with a strong attention to detail in the musical component. The now matured and slightly offbeat chaos that Brainwasher supplies ranks SAM among some of the finest electronic dance artists on the scene today.
Track list:

  1. Warning
  2. Halluzinogen
  3. Bull Fucking Shit
  4. Starting the Madness
  5. Mad as Hell
  6. Murder Inc.
  7. Name and Number
  8. Psychic Driving
  9. Corporate Violate
  10. Interoception
  11. S-R
  12. Mindfuck

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