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Rotorvator - I Vivi E I MortRotorvator
Category: Industrial / Black Metal
Album: I Vivi E I Mort
Stars: 3
Blurb: While still entrenched in black metal, this Italian act possesses a higher degree of gothic and industrial atmosphere hiding beneath the corpse paint.


While black metal appeals to a very particular fan base with very little potential for wider appeal, there are several acts that do well to infuse elements of other genres to at least stand out within this niche. With I Vivi E I Mort, the debut of Italy’s Rotorvator, the band introduces listeners to a turbulent blend of icy gothic atmosphere, oppressive industrial soundscapes, topped off by the scathing vocals and shrill guitars that have defined black metal for more than two decades. The result is an album that may yet find an audience with fans of the haunted ambience of more abstract forms of industrial, especially given the metallic percussion that underscores such tracks as “Ad Sanctos” and “I Morti,” giving impressions of a band like Immortal or Mayhem performing in a broken down factory in some cold desolate area. “In Limine” is notable for slowing the pace down with an almost bluesy tempo and bass that gradually builds to a distorted wall of audio desperation, ending in a mélange of soaring vocal samples reminiscent of an Islamic prayer. And then “Facing West” enters with a shimmering gothic melody that gleams through the pounding percussion and guitars, making for a song that if not for the demonic vocals could easily be a despairing gothic rock track. Similarly, the closing track of “Humming Bones” with its plucking guitar melody atop a steady thrust of drums and groaning vocals reminds this listener of Death in June or similar styles of neo-folk if filtered through the malevolent lens of black metal. I Vivi E I Mort may not possess a great deal of mass appeal, but within the album, Rotorvator creates a style of industrialized black metal that may yield some rather pleasant surprises to those who would otherwise not be interested. If nothing else, the album is notably high on mood and atmosphere with a greater sense of production and musicianship hiding beneath the corpse paint.
Track list:

  1. Ad Sanctos
  2. Domenica
  3. L’Eternita
  4. I Morti
  5. In Limine
  6. Facing West
  7. Humming Bones

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