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Rotersand - Waiting to be Born
Category: EBM
Album: Waiting to be Born
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: Though not flawless, Waiting to be Born is one of Rotersand’s finest EP releases to date.


Following up their stellar fourth full-length album Random is Resistance, melodic EBM outfit Rotersand has crafted a fine treat of an EP that continues their trend of excellence. Offering up remixes and re-imaginings of several tracks from Random is Resistance as well as some superb new content, Rotersand once again proves to be one of the most consistently impressive acts out there.

Kicking off with the exceptionally well done rework of “Waiting to be Born,” the basic structure of the song goes unchanged, but has been infused with a heavy beat, greatly increasing the song’s intensity. Bringing some much needed attention to the Peter Murhpy classic “A Strange Kind of Love,” Rotersand’s take hits a lot of the same vocal highs, but, unfortunately, falls a little short with its very rudimentary accompanying music that is severely lacking in any distinctive hook or interesting structure. By contrast, the original track “Wasted Wings” is a pure example of what Rotersand does best; it is a finely crafted song that is touching, lovely, uplifting, and haunting. The only major failure of the EP comes with the Hazardous Dub version of “If You Don’t Stop It.” Haphazardly slapping the heavily processed and warbled sound of dubstep and bits and pieces of the original track together, the song is just painfully generic and uninspired with the elements of Rotersand’s original song feeling slapped in as an afterthought.

While some of the remixes and reworks do take some of the conceptual punch out of Rotersand’s original work, turning them into more beat-driven club hits does not water them down unreasonably, and the new material allows for the more introspective and deep Rotersand to still shine through. While remix EPs generally tend to be forgettable affairs, Rotersand has obviously put a lot of effort into this impressive piece of work, making it well worth your attention.
Track list:

  1. Waiting to be Born (Rework)
  2. A Number and a Name (Stripped Down)
  3. First Time ([:SITD:] Remix)
  4. A Strange Kind of Love
  5. All These Moments
  6. Wasted Wings
  7. Waiting to be Born (Full Version)
  8. War on Error (iVardensphere Remix)
  9. If You Don’t Stop It (Hazardous Dub)

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