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Rotersand - Capitalism TMRotersand
Category: EBM / Synthpop / Electro
Album: Capitalism TM
Blurb: After seven years, Rotersand returns with an album that follows the band’s course of blending synthpop and trance with mixed results.


With thunder and energy, Rotersand returns from a hiatus of seven years as enthusiastic as ever. Capitalism TM is a blend of politically charged messages with driving beats and rhythms that form the Rotersand signature sound, while straying into more traditional electronic sounds. While half the album will be a treat for Rotersand and trance fans alike, other tracks fail to impress.

“Not Alone” starts off with a familiar, slow buildup that any Rotersand fan will know is the precursor to pounding beats and a driving rhythm. As each instrument is added and the song grows more complex, the tempo increases and each layer blends together to make a dense, powerful sound before an interlude allows the listener a moment to get hyped before a heavy beat is unceremoniously dropped. This is classic Rotersand at work – departing from the typical song structures used by other artists in the genre, Rotersand composes in a more trance/techno fashion with cadences that emphasize the music alongside the vocals and lyrics. “It’s About Us” shifts gears into a slower tempo, yet remains danceable while sounding a bit reminiscent of VNV Nation in parts.

As stated, half of the tracks on the album deliver the pulse throbbing Rotersand sound that fans are accustomed to, with some tracks that innovate and explore new sounds, with “Monopole” being an example of trance style that works well. On the other hand, “Torn Realities” is one of the weaker tracks on the album and falls flat, as does “You’re Nothing,” which just doesn’t work. “Hey You” channels an almost Underworld sound and blends extremely well with Rascal’s powerful vocals, but the remaining tracks on the album don’t quite deliver. “Disagree” is too busy to be enjoyable and “Uberload” is a generic synthpop song that sounds amateurish coming from a band that had no trouble hitting No. 1 on the DAC just three years after forming.

While Rotersand’s return is welcome and the good or innovative tracks on Capitalism TM are excellent additions to the band’s discography, half the album is either uninteresting or simply doesn’t work. There is great potential for the blending of synthpop and trance, and if any artist could pull it off and make it work, it’s Rotersand. Yet, this album seems like a test run for the record that successfully fuses the two genres.
Track list:

  1. Not Alone
  2. It’s About Us
  3. Capitalism TM (We Own You)
  4. Torn Realities (Extended Version)
  5. Monopole
  6. Welcome Home
  7. Hey You
  8. You’re Nothing
  9. Disagree
  10. Überload

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