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Roger Rotor - Sightseeing BizarreRoger Rotor
Category: EBM / Industrial
Album: Sightseeing Bizarre
Stars: 2
Blurb: The force is strong in the industrial dance beats and smashing electronics, but the force is weakened by monotony.


Pulsating electro insanity and dance beats aplenty sum up Roger Rotor and his latest offering, Sightseeing Bizarre. With a wealth of synths that are as catchy as they are vicious, Roger Rotor also combines some industrial noise into his tracks with grinding machinery and static, as well as all the beeps and random musing you’ve most likely come to expect from the genre. The catch is that each track grates on for over six minutes or so, making a full listen to the entire album not only tiring but ultimately boring as the songs themselves are far too repetitive to warrant such long playtimes.

“Nekulturny (Bonzenmarsch)” creeps in with a horror movie like synth that goes on for what seems like forever until it is joined by some hard and heavy fuzz bass and a dance beat that just won’t quit. From there, the glitches and beeps join in and breathe life into the track; however, after about four minutes of this, it begins to lose its luster. “Bomb the Bomb” is extremely mundane as it literally repeats the same buzzing riff for over six minutes and offers little to no incentive to actually listen all the way through, which is sad because the riff itself is actually catchy at first. “Antidote” is a subdued, groovy track that lets its drums lead the way while subtle and lightly quiet bass whizzes in the background and some electronics jump in later to give it a little more power. The guitar like kick of “Maniac Monger” will have you banging your head and the grinding and screeching will make your ears bleed in a good way at first until you realize that the screech will be clawing at you for far too long, ultimately making you lose interest in the song altogether. With the speed and force of a drum & bass track combined with the static and buzz of an industrial track, “Astore Coddaventu” does you a favor and doesn’t overstay its welcome, giving it a major edge on the tracks that come before it as it builds to its conclusion and then ends abruptly. Saving the better for the last, “Flabbergast” is the only track that truly gets the formula on this album right, ending the monotony of the other tracks for a super dance beat with a chattering insect like synth and machinery seemingly malfunctioning in the background, but not running on for too long and not offering minutes upon minutes with little to no change.

Sightseeing Bizarre isn’t horrible; it’s just repetitive and lacks anything to distract from what it does right. When the dance tracks meet well and the electronics bounce around together, the album gives you good head nodding moments, but when they don’t, you’re treated to the same noise over and over until you become bored with it. Maybe a quick trip back to the drawing board will give Roger Rotor what is needed to put its beast together in a more interesting package. Until then, go ahead and pass on this one.
Track list:

  1. Nekulturny (Bonzenmarsch)
  2. Bomb the Bomb
  3. Antidote
  4. Maniac Monger
  5. I’alba Dei Morti Viventi
  6. Tanzimat
  7. Astore Coddaventu
  8. Flabbergast

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