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Robotiko Rejekto - Corporate PowerRobotiko Rejekto
Category: EBM
Album: Corporate Power
Stars: 4
Blurb: A cybernetic musical implant of synths, bass, and dance drums executed with great charisma and expert composition.


RaHen’s musical project Robotiko Rejekto, rooted in the late ‘80s, has persisted over the years and has now grown to epic robot proportions with the latest offering Corporate Power. Robotiko Rejekto sets itself apart from other EBM projects by offering a diverse electronic palette of synths and infectious bass as well as varying vocal performers, both male and female. The vocals are sometimes injected with cyber effects while others are built on melody, and some are even executed in a spoken word like manner, giving the vocals alone a massive well to draw from throughout Corporate Power. The electronics throughout the album are meant to bring everyone to the dance floor and it’s easy to see why as the synths are hypnotizing and the drums are steady, ensuring anyone within earshot will catch the fever.

“Crying” gets right down to business with its deep, dark bass line and catchy synths combined with high energy spoken vocals and a very melodic chorus that will surely be sung along with. “ReLoad” offers more of the same dance heavy instrumentation with robot like vocals that lead into a male and female combination chorus that connects well together. Fast paced and female led “War for Peace” picks up the tempo and is carried throughout with energetic synths and vocals that go from volleys to singing in an instant effortlessly. “Catch Your Soul” is among the more dark and sinister offerings on Corporate Power with a menacing bass line and synths that almost chase you through the song along with the abrasive vocals. “High Fidelity” gives you more robotic vocals that bounce around the melody of the female vocals and the whispers of the male as the lyrics reflect fondness for tape recording. “Biosphere” ends the album with ambient pads and nature samples with a speech being sampled throughout warning against the dangers of not taking care of our environment, a melancholy and darkly powerful ending to the album overall.

Before turning Corporate Power off, you’re treated to remixes of “Love,” “Crying,” and “High Fidelity” and though none of them touch the original offerings, Alex Metzger’s EBM Tears Cut of “High Fidelity” is an extremely subdued version of the track and should definitely be heard before putting this one to rest. Robotiko Rejekto’s music is injected with much of the ‘80s style and sound with a few modern touches like the vocal effects throughout. The synths, bass lines, and drums here are built to bring out the dancing monster in you but the album also packs meaning within the lyrics, making for an overall well rounded project that most fans won’t want to walk away from.
Track list:

  1. Crying (Album Cut)
  2. ReLoad
  3. Meltdown Consequence
  4. War for Peace
  5. Don’t Let Go
  6. Energized
  7. Catch Your Soul
  8. High Fidelity
  9. Love
  10. Biosphere
  11. Love (Aesthetische Remix)
  12. Crying (Ivo Draganac Remix)
  13. High Fidelity (Tom Wax Remix)
  14. High Fidelity (Alexander Metzger EBM Tears Cut)

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