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Robohop - Prime Directives 1-4Robohop
Category: Hip-hop / Electro
Album: Prime Directives 1-4
Stars: 4
Blurb: Part socio-technological commentary, part nerdy sci-fi celebration, all killer industrialized hip-hop.


Given that both genres rely heavily on the intricacies of rhythm and the sometimes subtly innovative use of modern technology, it’s no surprise that hip-hop and electro/industrial music should come together in as symbiotic a relationship as man and machine. Such is the case with Robohop, one of the latest creative outlets from the Glitch Mode Squad. With Prime Directives 1-4, Sean Payne and his cohorts have crafted a rather short but arresting collection of industrialized hip-hop that is characteristically in the vein of the imprint’s primary entity, Cyanotic, complete with themes that skate the razor’s edge between science fiction inspired nerdiness and serious sociopolitical and technological commentary. Right from the onset with “End of Days,” the listener is treated to a lyrical assault that is at once humorous and clever in its incorporation of various samples and references to the titular movie, End of Days, and the band’s namesake, Robocop, all set to a skillfully programmed barrage of bass drops and sharp as knives synth textures. “Attack of the Clones” follows with $ir rapping against the banality of sound-alike “zombie” acts atop an ominous and grating mélange of shrill synths and percussion, while “d3l3t3ed” follows with an equally languid tempo and eerie atmosphere. Ending the EP is the tribute to one of cinema’s most celebrated villains, Clarence Boddicker, as samples of the character and – rather cleverly – interview segments from the DVD extras; fans of Robocop will undoubtedly be unable to contain their glee at this track, with the music full of distorted warbles and subsonic bass. While not skimping on levity, the only downside to Prime Directives 1-4 is its brevity; clocking in at just one second over 17 minutes, the EP certainly delivers its punches quickly, inviting repeated listens that will only leave the audience wishing for more. With any luck, this will not be all that Robohop has to offer as it provides another side to the Glitch Mode Squad’s musical personality and does well to engage a whole new audience without alienating the established fans.
Track list:

  1. End of Days (Glitch Mode Chi-Raq Mix feat. Tonezone)
  2. Attack of the Clones (feat. $ir)
  3. d3l3t3d (feat. $ir and Bandman)
  4. Bitches Leave (feat. Clarence Boddicker)

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