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Robert Hood - Motor: Nighttime World, Vol. 3Robert Hood
Category: Electronica / Ambient / Techno
Album: Motor: Nighttime World, Vol. 3
Stars: 4
Blurb: Robert Hood is considered the inventor of minimal Detroit techno, but his massive talent is obvious on his latest Nighttime World release.


Robert Hood has been revered as one of the founders of minimal Detroit techno and truly puts an emphasis on soul and experimentation in his music. Hood was the founding member of the Underground Resistance label, which was very influential through the first part of the ‘90s and changed modern Detroit techno forever. Hood, along with the rest of the Underground Resistance crew, incorporated elements of acid and industrial into Chicago house and Detroit techno music to form a more underground techno sound. He has released many albums, and with every one, Hood takes his music to different levels within electronic music. He has been creating techno for more than two decades and remains one of the music’s most dependable artists. One listen to Motor: Nighttime World, Vol. 3 and you get a definitive idea of what is meant by minimal techno. The style doesn’t at all imply that what you are hearing is simple; it merely means you don’t need a lot happening within a song to make it great – just the right combination of substantial sound and rhythm. Hood released the first two Nighttime World albums in 1995 and 2000 and apparently, it was time for another. This album doesn’t have the Detroit techno feel that Hood is known for, but anyone familiar with his music can feel the connection and the emotion. “Black Technician” delivers a streamlined yet roughed up feel, which includes industrial and automobile effects. The trippy acid feel of “Motor City” and “Hate Transmissions” stir and roll to no end. Some songs border on ambient, such as “Slow Motion Katrina” with its high pitched siren swoons and “The Wheel,” which excites in a dark way. There are also some quality club tracks in here too, as in “Drive,” which has a Blue Man Group-ish sound throughout, and the rhythm-laden “Torque One.” It is apparent Hood spent quality time concocting this well crafted, detailed, and luxurious album and Motor: Nighttime World, Vol. 3 could easily go down as one of his best.
Track list:

  1. The Exodos
  2. Motor City
  3. Better Life
  4. The Wheel
  5. Black Technician
  6. Learning
  7. Drive (The Age of Automation)
  8. Torque One
  9. Hate Transmissions
  10. Slow Motion Katrina
  11. Assembly
  12. A Time to Rebuild

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