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REVillusion - New ExtinctionREVillusion
Category: Industrial / Rock
Album: New Extinction
Blurb: Synthesizing the revolution with top-notch production and songwriting the bridges catchy melodic hooks with abrasive industrial textures, REVillusion comes out of the gates swinging with this hard-hitting debut.


From Philadelphia comes REVillusion, an industrial/rock collective headed by Brian E. Carter – a man on a mission to synthesize the revolution. With this debut album, REVillusion comes out of the gates swinging with a pristine production polish that is rarely heard from any band’s first effort; New Extinction is filled to the brim with scathing electronics and caustic guitars that reaches back to the heyday of ‘90s coldwave, tempered by accessible hooks and downright catchy melodies. On top of that, the album features some guest performances to add to REVillusion’s assortment of styles, making for an album that is cohesive yet varied.

With a sci-fi narrative on par with the likes of Fear Factory and Cyanotic, the title track is a lyrical tour de force recounting an automaton’s creation and eventual subjugation of humankind, delivered with the kind of passionate intensity that could only come from Stabbing Westward’s Christopher Hall. Conversely, Philly artist Tiani Victoria adds a distinctive R&B/hip-hop flavor to “Red” that is as melodically pleasing as it is sensual and edgy, making for one of the album’s most sharply engaging tracks. The same can be said of songs like “My Poison,” “Chaos,” “The Dominant,” “Beautiful,” and “Unattainable,” on which Jo Birch’s silky pop-friendly vocals play remarkably well with Carter’s gritty electronic textures. On the other hand, former Mushroomhead vocalist Waylon Reavis balances melodic flair with grinding metal fury on “Judas Kiss,” a powerful track that punches through the speakers with the force of a battering ram, while Riggs gives “Dernier Cri Zombie” the kind of dark menace that makes for one of the album’s heaviest tracks. Closing the album out is “Never Say…,” which is perhaps the most standout track on the album with its sweeping ambience and somber piano, recalling the more introspective moments of Nine Inch Nails and giving New Extinction a final brilliant blast of emotive energy.

It simply can’t be understated how slick this album in both production and songwriting, such that one might think this band had been honing its sound and craft for years. Possessing the collaborative force of classic industrial/rock bands like KMFDM and the crisp sheen of Celldweller, REVillusion is a band bursting with power that deserves to be heard and potential to rise to the highest echelons of the industrial/rock scene. New Extinction is the proof!
Track list:

  1. Unattainable
  2. Red
  3. Beautiful
  4. New Extinction
  5. My Poison
  6. Judas Kiss
  7. The Dominant
  8. Dernier Cri Zombie
  9. Chaos
  10. Never Say…

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