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Album CoverDunkelwerk
Album: Waffengang
Category: Electro / EBM
Label: Alfa Matrix
Release Date: 2019-03-29


Waffengang is the fourth album from “endzeit” electro act Dunkelwerk and continues the tried and true formula of heavy dark beats and gravelly barked vocals. Dunkelwerk has always shown an uncanny ability to harness a feeling of dread and horror in the music that easily surpasses any language barriers. Waffengang once again takes the focus to the front lines to channel the horrors of war. Dukelwerk’s merging of bombastic orchestral marches and hard driving beat with a generous peppering of samples from military speeches is showcased in the title track as well as “Pulverland.” It’s a very evocative style rife with imagery, such as in the track “Schwere See,” which incorporates a mournful organ that makes it suggestive of a burned out church in the middle of a warzone. Interestingly, the soft piano overlays and backing melody line of “Holterdiepolter,” punctuated by the English lyric “Loves See No Color,” recalls an angry version of the Robert Miles classic “Children,” torn apart by gunfire. Dunkelwerk certainly has found its sound and it’s executed exceptionally well. The war themes are perhaps a bit tired and considering Dunkelwerk has tackled other themes in the past, going back to this well again is mildly disappointing, but when the album turns out this strong, it’s hard to hold that against them.
Track list:

  1. Waffengang
  2. Holterdiepolter (Love Sees No Colour)
  3. Josef Ritter von Gadolla
  4. Pulverland
  5. Der Kommandant
  6. Battlefield
  7. Schwere See
  8. GxSTxPx 4c
  9. Hokuspokus
  10. Wolkenschloss
  11. Heimat Deine Sterne (Sternensoldat Part 2)

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