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Reliquary - Path of HoursReliquary
Category: Goth Rock
Album: Path of Hours
Stars: 3
Blurb: Nothing new in the realm of goth rock, but still a fine outing from a fine band.


When so gothic rock bands sound so similar to one another given the tropes of the genre, one has to sympathize with a group that strives to attain a sense of individuality. So difficult is this task that eventually, it is more important to simply adhere to these stylistic benchmarks in the best way possible. Listening to Path of Hours, the sophomore release from Phoenix’s Reliquary, this certainly seems to be the case as these 10 tracks are as entrancing as they are morose in their lush atmosphere.

Virtually all of the goth rock staples are present in abundance, performed more than ably by each member of this lovely trio. Suriel’s groove on the bass stridently hovers in the mid range, contributing just enough of a complement to the vocal and guitar melodies without fading beyond notice as a mere component of rhythm. This is especially true on “Over the Edge,” allowing the gritty guitar and violin-like solos to take to the fore. Throughout, Loki’s guitars shimmer and shine psychedelic, reverberating and flanging in true gothic fashion to create a full and layered sound that is particularly noteworthy on “Over the Edge” as subtle arpeggios create an ambient tapestry amid a galloping rhythm, reminding this writer of fellow genre act Autumn. As well, songs like “(I Am) Blind,” “Dido’s Lament,” and “Shadow Cast” feature a chilled out piano to augment the bass and guitars evocative of Clan of Xymox. The beats are nicely programmed, offering the occasional bit of tribal-esque flourishes of toms and snares, but staying restrained to allow the live members to cut loose as they see fit. Above all, Kara’s four-octave range soars to enhance the classical, almost mystical beauty of each track, with Loki providing a strong counterpart on “Ophelia” that showcases the band’s melodic strengths.

If anything negative can be said about Path of Hours, it is simply that there is little presented that hasn’t been done before by more than a handful of other acts like Faith and the Muse, Ikon, and This Ascension to name but a few. But once again, Reliquary do well to simply do a good job of it, playing up the goth rock style in fine form with songs that are enjoyable to listen to if nothing else. As such, it can be said that Path of Hours is a fine outing from a band that is sure to please fans of the style.
Track list:

  1. Go
  2. (I Am) Blind
  3. Tale of Mercy
  4. Dusk Falls
  5. Dido’s Lament
  6. Over the Edge
  7. Regret
  8. Love Songs
  9. Shadow Cast
  10. Ophelia
  11. Coriolis

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