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REIZstrom - Dwarfs Like GiantsREIZstrom
Category: EBM / Industrial
Album: Dwarfs Like Giants
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: Reizstrom’s 2010 release is an amalgamation of retro sounds, pop sensibilities, and modern techniques.


An up and coming band, REIZstrom is an all electronic-based act from Germany who to date have released all of their material on their own, forsaking record label middlemen. Influenced by bands such as Kraftwerk, Front 242, and Klangstabil, REIZstrom’s output has resulted in a style that sounds much like a modern version of the WaxTrax! vein of music released in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s.

Dwarfs Like Giants begins with two fast paced and lighter sounding tracks, “Simple Addition” and “Paralyzed.” The album takes a pointedly darker and more somber turn with “Killed in Action,” a piece that focuses on battlefield misfortunes. Employing a steady beat and booming bass, “Killed in Action” sets itself apart as one of the most finely composed tracks on the release.

While REIZstrom’s music will likely appeal most especially to fans of older industrial styles, REIZstrom is a band still in their infancy, having only formed in 2008. As a result, some of the tracks on Dwarfs Like Giants still feel as though they’re in a developmental phase and haven’t been fully fleshed out just yet. Although REIZstrom takes a more minimalistic approach to their music, certain tracks like “Ugly City” feel far too busy for their tempo, while “Tackle” is unquestionably filler, a shapeless song without direction and lacking in spirit.

Dwarfs Like Giants does feature other tracks that rise above the rest. “Rotten Time” is one of the most alive and invigorating songs, with funky beats and a flair that gives the track ample dance floor potential. In spite of all this, the honor of being the album’s most sensational track has to go to Defence Mechanism’s remix of “The Hurting Light,” a powerful remix that brings out the original’s best qualities as well as shoving it forward into bolder territory.

Track list:

  1. Simple Addition
  2. Paralyzed
  3. Killed in Action
  4. Rotten Time
  5. Pathetic
  6. Tackle
  7. The Hurting Light
  8. The Plague
  9. Caution, Breakable
  10. Ugly City
  11. Mensch Gegen Mensch
  12. Glorious Days
  13. Fools are Blind
  14. The Hurting Light (NTRSN Remix)
  15. The Hurting Light (Defence Mechanism Remix)
  16. Paralyzed (TITANS Remix)
  17. Tackle (LPF12 Remix)

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