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Reism - Something Darker
Category: Industrial / Metal
Album: Something Darker
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: Reism returns with a lethal mix of melancholy metal, industrial, and angelic female vocals that grab you and doesn’t let go.


Picking up where their 2005 debut Lifestyle Product began, Reism unleashed Something Darker in early 2011. Fans of female-fronted metal will not be disappointed as Reism delivers with a winning formula of thrashing guitars and pummeling rhythms, crushing electronic sequences, and eerie atmospheric leads that cut through at just the right moments to make it more than just metal. Although the heavy arrangements, courtesy of brainchild and multi-instrumentalist Tom Poole-Kerr, never fail to deliver, it is Kirsten Jørgensen’s stunning vocal performance that will really make you remember the name Reism.

By the time the first lyrics of “Make Me Feel” enter your ears, you realize what you are dealing with. Her voice casts a spell, like a mythical siren pulling you under and you can’t stop listening. Jørgensen navigates skillfully between sweetly angelic and operatic, lulling you on “Sink in Deep (Dark water).” She hypnotizes on “Liars in Love” and “Pieces,” and shows her teeth on the blistering “Give In” the album’s most up-tempo offering. Reism shares their soul with the stripped down “Broken,” which replaces guitars with sweeping orchestral strings. “Lullaby” ends the album on the poignant side, proving Reism is both versatile and open minded in their music.

It’s a lethal combination of dark and driving mid-tempo musical backdrops and raw emotion. Don’t be surprised if you listen to the whole album over and over on repeat. Something Darker plays like pages from a diary, with titles like “This is All for You,” “Let Me Go,” and “Make me Feel” revealing the deeply personal song subjects: heartbreak, emotional abandonment, and the ghost of lost love. What makes Reism even more personal is the fact that Poole-Kerr and Jørgensen singlehandedly recorded, mixed, and produced the release themselves over a period of two years – no label support for these artists; only the driving desire to create powerful, emotional music. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait another five years for their next one.

Track list:

  1. Give In
  2. Let Me Go
  3. Liars in Love
  4. Sink In Deep (Dark Water)
  5. This is All for You
  6. Words
  7. Broken
  8. Pieces
  9. Make Me Feel
  10. Lullaby

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Lüke Haughwout (Mechanical_Harvest)

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