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Red This Ever - Orchestral Manoueuvres in the Red
Red This Ever
Category: Goth / New Wave
Album: Orchestral Manoueuvres in the Red
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: A remix album that explores a variety of influences while showing the strength of the source material.


A follow-up to its strong debut album Selfless, and precursor to its second full-length album, Never Listen, the remix album, Orchestral Manoueuvres in the Red acts as an excellent companion to the debut with a strong collection of remixes and alternative versions from that initial release. With some strong material to build from, this remix album does a excellent job of taking the strong ‘80s influence of Red This Ever, and giving it a thorough electronic tweaking.

The Val Cain remix of “Never Find My Way” kicks off the album in excellent fashion, utterly transforming the track into a stunningly beautiful and sorrowful track with its haunting piano work and excellent rock guitar flairs. Other mixes like DJGXs Modified mix of “Giveaway” and the reKombinant vs. The Volcano remix of “Flashcard” give their respective tracks a bit of an EBM makeover, making them viable club tracks. Further transforming the work, Retrogramme’s remix of “Irresistable” takes things into the realms of synthpop with its light and poppy restructuring, while the two remixes of “Selfless” work in more of a darkwave feel, resembling work from The Last Dance and The Crüxshadows. Despite its many strengths, there are also a few weaker moments on the album. Dharmata 101’s Psyche Sandwich remix of “Nobody” mixes in a drum & bass style that simply doesn’t mesh with the vocals and comes across as rather awkward, and the very bare bones versions of “Nobody” and “Flashcard” feel a bit out of place in this album of complex and intricate mixes, leaving the album on a bit of a down and disappointing note.

For anyone who enjoyed Red This Ever’s debut album, Orchestral Manoueuvres in the Red is a definite must buy. As with any remix album, the quality of each track varies, but on average, the various remixers have done a wonderful job of reinterpreting and putting a new spin on some already quality tracks, and in a few cases improve on the originals. While some of Red This Ever’s ‘80s charm may have been a bit lost in the wash, this remix album shows that the band’s work does not need the crutch of nostalgia to capture its audience.
Track list:

  1. Never Find My Way (ValCain Remix)
  2. Giveaway (Modified Mix by DJGX)
  3. Nobody (Psyche Sandwich Remix by Dharmata 101)
  4. Selfless (Attrition Remix)
  5. Flashcard (reKombinant vs. The Volcano Remix)
  6. Irresistible (Retrogramme Remix)
  7. Where Are You? (Pre-Release)
  8. Selfless (Proton Midi Edit)
  9. Nobody (Nocturne Version)
  10. Flashcard (Acoustic Version)

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