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Red Industrie - Switch
Red Industrie
Category: Electro / Industrial / Techno
Album: Switch
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: Riddled with melodious repetition and brooding speak/sing vocals Switch manages an unexpected lyrical/electronica balance that penetrates into your head.


EBM-structured electronica takes additional notes from industrial dance music with Helder Camberos’ most recent side project, Red Industrie. Fronted by Camberos with additional contribution by his wife Hilda Moran, these two have already begun making their mark with the 2009 debut release Ciencia Ficcion. Switch takes those rooted beginnings and now aims to establish uniqueness within the music. By marrying an assemblage of up-tempo electronica with deadpan and brooding vocals, the songs relentlessly infest into your head and won’t easily let up after doing so. An admirable analog resonance carries each track with retro-synth character; a strong foundation to Camberos’ minimalist approach in creating techno-based industrial music. From the introductory track, “My Victory,” featuring Psyche, they initiate this now developed sound, and it’s one that is as haunting as it is captivating. The distorted, harmonious choral return of Darrin Huss to Camberos’ despairing verses instantly sets the tone of the album. Essentially, this is an album of unsettling dance music that descends upon you through infectious musical repetition, and it’s through this repetition that you become hazily entranced. The music from here on in is geared for a club atmosphere, yet loaded with bleak undertones that ground Switch as an album that warrants a listen in its entirety. A fine example of the obvious club-oriented music shines on the track “Industrial Dancing.” As if anything has to be said beyond the transparent title, this track simply screams upbeat dance music with its pulsing backbeat and harried tempo. The lyrical wordplay on Switch goes well beyond this type of song though, hinting towards everything from sexual fetishes to positive sociological messages. A random glowing moment on the album resonates with the Sara Noxx assisted “Your Wish is My Command,” a song that grows in sexual depth through the back-and-forth dialogue between the two lead vocalists as well as its perpetual instrumental component. It’s easy to see this as a song that would fill the dance floor of any underground club. The title track continues the sexual deviancy through a barrage of spoken lyrics, this time matching Camberos gritty words with wife Moran’s more submissive replies. The couple works with a lyrical chemistry on the combined vocal tracks that emit a sense of connectivity between the two, even though the lyrics may at times tell a different story. Rounding off the back end of the album are four remixes of the album’s highlight tracks, embellishing the raw sound of the originals with electronic additions that completely change each song in one way or another. These remixes reaffirm the differences between what Red Industrie creates as electro/industrial music versus that of the mainstay. It’s the consistency of musical flow throughout the original tracks on this album that helps to clarify Red Insustrie’s musical identity. Camberos’ gritty conversational lyric-play and his ear for a rhythmic rush of music firmly establish Red Industrie’s position on the landscape of electronic dance music. Controlled with an always creative analog electronic drive, Switch makes for a very enjoyable listen from front to back.
Track list:

  1. My Victory (featuring Psyche)
  2. Domination
  3. Flesh and Blood
  4. Industrial Dancing (Angstfabrikk Remix)
  5. Artificial Part II
  6. Going Round 2010
  7. Anti-Cultura
  8. Your Wish is My Command (featuring Sara Noxx)
  9. Switch
  10. Domination (Darkmen Remix)
  11. My Victory (Dr Benway Remix)
  12. Artificial Part II (Strange Connection Remix)
  13. Your Wish is My Command (Autodafeh Remix)

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