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The Recently Deceased - Never Trust the LivingThe Recently Deceased
Category: Goth / Rock / Punk
Album: Never Trust the Living
Stars: 3
Blurb: Horror themed punk rock at its finest, The Recently Deceased plant tongues firmly in cheek with an album that is just downright fun.


Hailing from Baltimore, MD, The Recently Deceased is a band that wears its influences very clearly on tattooed sleeves; from bassist/vocalist Matt Mayhem’s sideburns, upright bass, and crooning baritone, guitarist Robbie Whiplash’s leather clad swagger and slicked hair evoking the devilock, and drummer Jeremy Phoenix’s simple yet powerful and thrashing percussive assault, it is virtually impossible to listen to Never Trust the Living without thinking of Glenn Danzig and the Misifts. Of course, this is hardly a detriment as the band’s style is clearly out of absolute love for horror-themed punk rock and psychobilly with elements of pure heavy metal thrown in. Tongues are planted firmly in cheek right from the start as Danny Elfman’s theme from Beetlejuice is played with rocking bravado, samples of the movie setting the appropriate atmosphere with “Let Now the Dead Come Alive” leading straight into the high speed “Vampira.” “Rock and Roller” does just as its title suggests, with Mayhem adding just the right amount of bite to his vocals, which along with the riffs are immediately reminiscent of Motörhead, complete with a chorus of “We sold our souls for rock and roll,” while thrashers like “Devils Cadillac,” “Road Warrior,” and “Live Fast and Die” are perfect for barroom brawling and racing down two lane blacktop ‘50s style. Just when you’re ready to write off the album as a straightforward horror punk outing, “Never Trust the Living” comes in with a somber piano perfect for a classic vampire film, while Whiplash’s Iron Maiden-esque harmonized solos are peppered throughout, the song going through several shifts in mood and speed to make for one of the album’s more cinematic moments. Similarly, “Back Again” begins slowly and morosely with piano and strings creating a gloomy ambience, Mayhem’s raspy voice somewhat struggling with the melody in a rather satisfying fashion before the song suddenly blasts into high gear. With lyrics weaving a tale of gothic revenge, “Back Again” would be a excellent closing track if not for the hidden track, a faithful though stripped down cover of Type O Negative’s “Black No. 1.” Overall, Never Trust the Living is a fine album from a band that minces no words and gets right to the point, giving listeners a hard hitting dose of horror-tinged rock & roll perfect for celebrating Halloween year round. The production is as stripped down as the music, the performances far from the heights of technical proficiency, living up to its punk roots while still showcasing a discernible level of talent that makes The Recently Deceased quite an enjoyable band.
Track list:

  1. Let Now the Dead Come Alive
  2. Vampira
  3. Road Warrior
  4. Devils Cadillac
  5. It Walks
  6. Wolfbite
  7. Never Trust the Living
  8. Live Fast and Die
  9. Rock and Roller
  10. Dead by Dawn
  11. Sweet Dying Love
  12. Back Again

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Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)

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  1. DJ Bones says:

    I had the pleasure of picking up this album after running sound for them in Boise. Awesome band to work with and this album has quickly become one of my favorite Horror Punk bands. Look forward to seeing where these guys go.

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