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Raggedy Angry - How I Learned to Love Our Robot OverlordsRaggedy Angry
Category: Industrial Rock
Album: How I Learned to Love Our Robot Overlords
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: If this is to be the future of our genre, then one should feel for our children.


The new album from Raggedy Angry isn’t necessarily a bad album but perhaps shows a band trying to find its voice among its influences and the lack of focus pulls the final product in too many directions. There are elements of industrial, synthpop, metal, and more throughout the entire run of the album. Instead of incorporating each one of those elements into their own sound and vision, often times Raggedy Angry simply writes a song in that style, leaving out their own voice and their own originality.

The album is a jagged obstacle course for the listener to get through. Moments of clarity are scarce but they are there. More often than not though, it’s the obvious pitfalls that stand out more than anything else, with “Robot Love” being the biggest misstep. The song is a ballad done with a female vocalist and it just feels out of place and completely dated on a record like this. One minute, they are a snarling industrial/metal hybrid a la Marilyn Manson, and the next, this overly sappy love song about robots along with the augmented vocals necessary to make it sound like the robot is singing. Dave “Rave” Oglvie produced this album and while he is a notable producer with much respect and credibility in the genre, this is a misstep on his part as well by not focusing these young men into a more concrete idea. The recording and mixing are excellent, but without the proper focus, it’s lost on the listener.

It would be unfair to write off Raggedy Angry at this point in their career. They are still young and it shows in their music. Give them a few more years of writing and recording and touring and they could be a true force to reckon with.

Track list:

  1. Wake
  2. Don’t Mess with the S.S.
  3. Burn Your Gods
  4. Fire Engine Red
  5. Sick Thoughts
  6. My Escape
  7. Take Me Home
  8. Easter Island Radiation
  9. Get Fucked
  10. Assimilate
  11. Superjet
  12. Digital Hell
  13. Robot Love
  14. Epilogue Cheers

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