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Raggedy Angry - Dead BeatsRaggedy Angry
Category: Industrial / Electro
Album: Dead Beats
Stars: 3
Blurb: A diverse mixture of industrial, punk, and metal that at times has trouble meshing very well together.


Toronto based Raggedy Angry burst on the scene in 2006 with a wild sound combining just about every genre you can cram into one project and the current release, Dead Beats is no different. Some tracks are synth and bass heavy while others are outright metal with heavy guitars and guttural growls to match – this is the part of the album that Raggedy Angry does well. However the other half of the album combines a mixture of dubstep and hip-hop like electronics, none of which goes over very well. Diversity rules on Dead Beats and at some intervals, this is welcomed and compelling while in other sections, the instrumentation and vocals take a serious downturn, which hurts the overall project.

Dead Beats is kicked opened by “Requiem,” whose intro sounds like it was yanked from The Nightmare Before Christmas and fused with the music from Super Ghouls n’ Ghosts, ultimately transforming into some heavy and dark electronics with charismatic vocals. “The Funk” kills all the momentum created by its predecessor with an incredibly annoying array of vocal samples that nearly turns into a reject screaming rap track with dubstep lasers following behind it. “Meerkat” seeks to regain the lost traction with a fast paced synth buildup to heavy guitars and high energy vocals and drums where the melodic chorus, though seemingly out of place, saves the song. Melody becomes Raggedy Angry’s best friend on “SCREAM/SCREAM,” whose catchy bass line draws you toward it while the vocal melody keeps you in, making for one of the more standout tracks on the project. “Earthbound” is the star of the entire series of tracks and has a massive anthemic chorus and catchy guitars and electronics throughout, a track that will be incredibly difficult not to sing along with. At the end of Dead Beats is the extremely melodic and dance ready Vince Clortho remix of “Superjet,” its synths and bass line combining together to make a very well done mix that weaves in and out of the ear and bounces around the head of the listener.

One of two things will happen with Dead Beats – either you’ll love its diversity and attempts at meshing styles as well as its ability to do certain pieces very well, or on the opposite side, there’s the possibility that you’ll be turned away by the failed attempts to incorporate hip-hop like elements or mix electro, metal, and punk in awkward ways. Regardless of what side you’re on, Raggedy Angry has good and bad to show for its efforts and this is a middle of the road project that you may want to give a chance to or skip entirely, depending on your taste. What’s done well here is done extremely well, but what doesn’t mix well brings the album down as a whole. With Raggedy Angry’s potential, the band could streamline its sound in the future, taking everything done well and ultimately achieving greater success.
Track list:

  1. Requiem
  2. The Funk
  3. Meerkat
  4. A Brief Interlude
  5. Candy Unicorns
  7. Earthbound
  8. Rabbits
  9. Superjet (The Birthday Massacre Remix)
  10. Superjet (Vince Clortho Club Mix)

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