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Rachael Please - The CorrupterRachael Please
Category: Industrial
Album: The Corrupter
Stars: 3
Blurb: Nascent act seeks to carry forth the torch of industrial music’s forefathers.


The exact nature and purpose of industrial music has been a matter for debate in clubs and on message boards for at least the last decade, and no doubt much longer than that. It seems clear that, at least initially, the genre was birthed as a vector for experimentation, for the expression or raw emotion, and for a sense of rebellion against the status quo. It is in this tradition that Missouri based Rachael Please makes its first foray with the EP The Corrupter.

The Corrupter has a pleasantly grating and distorted sound that reminds the listener of industrial days gone by. Its sound is influenced heavily by the guitar based alternative rock of the mid ‘90s with plenty of harsh processing that will please old school fans. The vocals seem strongly influenced by the New Wave of British Heavy Metal of the ‘70s. This leads to a sound that is somewhere less than new, but veers strongly into the realm of the innovative.

Rachael Please’s vocals call upon much of the imagery that has propelled industrial music forward over the course of the past few decades. Allusions to the struggle for identity and a resistance to persecution, mixed with sacred imagery perverted to fit the purpose of the song, abound in the lyrics. It’s not to say so much that the subject matter is stale as much as to say that the listener wonders what The Corrupter would sound like if Please was pushed harder.

What is perhaps most pleasantly surprising about The Corrupter is how immersive the sound is. The Corrupter is clearly the work of a dedicated, aspiring artist. Please has something to say and is driven to say it. The dedication to expression and message is endearing to the point that one can overlook some of the derivation of the sound. While The Corrupter falls short of blazing new trails deep into the realm of the industrial soundscape, it does represent a strong offering from a voice filled with artistic drive and conviction. Rachael Please is an act to keep an eye on.
Track list:

  1. The Corruptor
  2. Sloth
  3. The End of the World (And Not Giving a Damn)
  4. If I Were Blind
  5. Tempest
  6. Purveyor of Destruction

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