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Rabbit Junk - The Boy with the Sun in His EyesRabbit Junk
Category: Dubstep / Electro / Hardclash
Album: The Boy with the Sun in His Eyes
Stars: 4
Blurb: An epic concoction of melodic pop and acerbic dubstep, making for an intensely satisfying anthem from Seattle’s finest underground sensation.


Rabbit Junk has certainly undergone a strange evolution since JP Anderson first founded the band in 2004. Starting from digital hardcore and industrial rock to later incorporation of drum & bass, melodic new wave, hip-hop, and even black metal, Rabbit Junk has made it a point never to stick to one style and keep listeners on edge. Since 2011, Anderson has begun experimenting with the conventions of dubstep, releasing three singles that marked this tonal shift and a newly invigorated state of productivity. The Boy with the Sun in His Eyes is the latest single to continue this trend for the band, presented in a vocal and instrumental version for good measure. A gritty arpeggio progression begins the proceedings, Anderson’s voice entering in a higher octave range than one might expect from Rabbit Junk, but it makes for a delightfully somber melody evocative of Peter Gabriel. Adding in some subtle but effective harmonization in the chorus adds to the song’s pop appeal, as well as an anthemic and tasteful guitar solo. But make no mistake; the sonic palette is distinctly dubstep as complex layers of warbling and growling synths permeate atop tightly programmed beats, yet all the while maintaining composure and relative simplicity throughout. The coda picks up the pace to make for a frantic and stomping dance floor excursion as Sum Grrl’s accompanying vocal refrains echo out for the song’s closing. Some might find the instrumental version to be a gratuitous addition, but perhaps due to the strength of Anderson’s delivery and melody in the vocal version, hearing the instrumental without them actually accentuates the qualities of production and composition in the music. With the wobbly bass and stuttering synth leads taking center stage, the track transforms from edgy and experimental pop into an epic display of pure spastic dubstep perfect for any DJ set. Some might be bewildered by Rabbit Junk’s recent dabbling in the genre and decry it as following the fad of the day. However, credit must be given to Anderson and his cohorts for simply doing a good job of it and continuing their genre-bending practices while consistently and intelligently infusing actual melodic songwriting to balance out the musical chaos. With production assistance from Glitch Mode associate Sean Payne, The Boy with the Sun in His Eyes is a treat for the ears – harsh yet appealing, and yet another musical morsel to sate the fans until the next full-length from Rabbit Junk.
Track list:

  1. The Boy with the Sun in His Eyes
  2. The Boy with the Sun in His Eyes (Instrumental)

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  1. riccso says:

    How dare you call RJ “dubstep”?

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