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Rabbit Junk - Invasion EPRabbit Junk
Category: Industrial / Hardclash
Album: Invasion EP
Stars: 4.5
Blurb: Never a band to skimp on mixing an aggressive punk edge in with songs that are downright catchy-as-hell, Rabbit Junk presents some of the band’s best songs to date on this EP.


Since the advent of the digital age as more assorted tastes converge, so do more artists exhibit a brazen and boisterous mélange of genre mashing; Rabbit Junk is just one such artist, creating a style that has defied categorization as elements of dubstep, black metal, disco, industrial, hip-hop, and all points in between find their way into the band’s uniquely aggressive style. Having now settled into a steady output of shorter EP releases, Invasion finds Rabbit Junk front man JP Anderson showing no signs of slowing or quieting down, and while it can be said that melody has never been completely deficient from his music, there seems to be an even greater emphasis on this EP. “From the shadows, we watch you,” speaks a grimly distorted and menacing voice amid swells of orchestral ambience building to an explosive gabber beat; crushing guitars and a simple yet infectious bass line enter the fray, sure to induce irresistibly spastic motions on any dance floor while the screaming verses playing a complementary contrast to the anthemic chorus. From the onset, “Invasion” is classic Rabbit Junk, but with an almost cinematic flair that follows into the next track, “Thug Baby,” as operatic choirs underscore scathing synth and guitars and a darkly enticing hip-hop delivery by MizSTRESS – belligerent yet strangely tuneful. The “La-la” backing of “Radical Acceptance” is simply too catchy not to sing along with, recalling the best new wave hits of the ‘80s, but filtered through Rabbit Junk’s caustic sensibilities; gritty guitars and speedily programmed drumbeats don’t belie the song’s melodious, even oddly poppy properties, although they help retain the band’s signature punk edge. The same can be said for “Broken Highways,” on which Sum Grrl’s bouncy voice matches the song quite perfectly, reminding this writer of The Birthday Massacre’s Chibi, her interplay with Anderson’s more muscular but equally melodic delivery making for a marvelously engaging track. Cyanotic’s remix of “Broken Highways” concludes the EP with a more rhythmic and danceable version that scales back the song’s more distorted elements to allow the vocals to shine through even further, emphasizing this writer’s earlier point about Rabbit Junk’s strong and heightened sense of melody on Invasion. Staying true to the “hardclash” style that Rabbit Junk has cultivated over the past decade, there’s simply not enough credit one can grant to JP Anderson for his noisily innovative mixture of genres with no shortage of intelligent songwriting. It’s a mercilessly insistent and seductive sound that Rabbit Junk presents on the Invasion EP, with some of the best and most memorable songs the band has yet presented – songs so damn catchy that they are almost haunting… but then, one can easily surmise that this is the intent. Mission accomplished, Rabbit Junk!
Track list:

  1. Invasion
  2. Thug Baby
  3. Radical Acceptance
  4. Broken Highways
  5. Broken Highways (Cyanotic Remix)

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